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Welcome to the blog!

Well I guess I can start this off generically telling you who I am and what I do so let’s go ahead and do that. My name is Ryan Fantozzi and I live in Green Bay, WI. I grew up a Green Bay Packers fan since I was four years old so when I was 19 I decided to transfer up to UW-Green Bay to pursue a career as a sports writer. Well that was all fun and great until I started co-hosting a sports radio show and fell in love with the idea of doing radio as a career. So guessed it I pursued that route and now I work in radio as a rock DJ on 93rock right here in Green Bay. I also do a bunch of behind the scenes stuff but I would rather not bore you with that stuff…I mean how cool is it to say, “Hey I loaded this spot (commercial) talking about the new Trojan condoms!” Well I guess it’s promoting people to have safe sex which is a good thing but not an exciting part of the job.

So I will tell you what is cool about my job. I get to DJ some of the greatest rock music ever recorded! You know, rock music, that genre that requires people to have musical talent and be able to play an instrument such as a guitar or drum set? DJ’ing for 93rock or 93.5/93.1 on your radio dial or at is one of the best experiences of my life. I get to play anything from classic rock/metal bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and AC/DC all the way up through 2012 and all the great kick ass rock that came in between. While I love classic rock I am a big fan of 90’s and 2000’s rock mostly Disturbed, Linkin Park (first 2 albums), Korn, Rage Against the Machine, Slipknot and Five Finger Death Punch to name a few.

Ever since I have been a kid I have had two passions- sports and rock music. On this blog I will share my thoughts on the ever changing world of sports and rock music you should be listening to or just some great rock music in general and my thoughts on it. So to kick us off here are a couple videos of rock music I love…Enjoy!

Some good old school LP:

And new KISS:

What do you think?


About tozzi7

I am a rock DJ for 93.5 in Green Bay, WI. Check it out, I am originally from Huron, Ohio which is a small town on Lake Erie. I love sports and rock music. Pretty much my two passions. I am a Green Bay Packers, Ohio State Buckeyes, New York knicks, Cleveland Indians and Milwaukee Brewers fan. Feel free to comment on the blog and give me your feedback. I love debating sports so bring your comments, just don't be a jerk about it. Any ideas for blog posts let me know!

6 responses to “Welcome to the blog!

  1. Tim Meyer ⋅

    This blog is a great idea. Having advised a few bloggers, let me offer some advice: 1. If you want people to come back once they’ve been here, the content/postings need to be regularly updated; 2. Answer: Why would people want to read my blog? What would you like them to do after they read it? 3. Will you post comments that are derogatory about your employers? You? Your family? Your dog? Your first grade teacher? (You get my drift here); 4. Are your prepared to base your blog updates on comments left by visitors — agree in part or totally, disagree, clarify, etc.? Be prepared to not get a lot of responses for at least a while. It happens to everyone.

    • tozzi7

      Tim your advice is always welcome! Thank you very much for posting and steering me in the right direction. I am looking at this blog like dj’ing on weekends. Being the new guy on air it took some time to get more interaction from listeners but it is starting to take off! I plan on using this blog as a place for people to respectfully debate sports, music and other goofy stories I find to post.
      I like your last comment on doing updates on what people comment whether they agree or not. I think that is important and that is something I will definitely consider.

      Thanks for your help Tim!

  2. Steve Arveson ⋅

    The real kick-ass thing about your job is all of the kick-ass people you get to know.

    • tozzi7

      That is definitely one of the perks of my job. I have gotten to meet some pretty awesome people and be part of on-air interviews. Plus you have to include the listeners in the group of kick-ass people I get to meet/interact with.

  3. Ringo ⋅

    Enjoying your blog. I agree with Tim. Keep posting often and no derogitory remarks. You are one great guy!

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