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You can eject this person?

OK so if you are like me and love sports, you might have seen this story. The one about the intern who was PA announcing a minor league baseball game and decided to play the song, “Three Blind Mice” when the ump made a questionable call in the Daytona Cubs vs. Fort Myers Miracle game.

Derek Dye who is an intern from The University of Illinois was told to hit the road by the home plate ump for playing the song. As a DJ and someone who has done some PA announcing I find this absolutely hilarious the kid decided to play this song. As a DJ and announcer you are supposed to provide the information people need to know and do it in a fun and entertaining way that will get a reaction.

For an ump to have such thin skin when this song is played baffles and upsets me. This kid gets it. He knows how to enjoy his job, a job that might I remind you is supposed to be fun. For this I applaud him. For doing something funny, millions of people now know who he is and I am sure most people reading this probably got a good chuckle.

After the game Dye called the league president who assured him he did the right thing. Dye said the president’s opinion is the only one that matters. In this case that’s all he needs to be reassured this is just a case of someone who is too thin skinned to take a joke. I hope Dye does not shy away from doing goofy things like this in the future.

I want to wish nothing but the best of luck to Derek Dye in the future. The world of media can never have too many people who understand their job is one where they can express their personality and entertain people in the process.


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