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The Americans are putting up so you should shut up.

The Olympics have been captivating many of us across the company for the last nine days and with good reason. The US men’s and women’s basketball teams have gone through group play so far unblemished, Michael Phelps achieved his remarkable 22nd Olympic medal overall with eighteen of them being gold medals and many other fantastic group and individual performances. 

But what I want to write about on here today is the US Women’s National Soccer Team. Their 2-0 quarter final win over New Zealand puts them in a semi-final match Monday morning against our neighbors to the north. Since going down 2-0 to France in the opening game of group play the Americans have scored 10 straight goals including an astonishing four unanswered against the French. 

If you have watched the women play, you easily notice this is an unselfish group who has one goal in mind…winning gold. This team is fundamentally sound, exciting, creative and just an overall joy to watch. 

However there is always someone out there who has a problem with what you are doing and that person is Tony Readings, the manager of New Zealand women’s squad. After seeing the Americans doing cartwheels after scoring he had this to say to the LA. Times:

“I wouldn’t like it if our team did that. When teams concede [goals] they’re disappointed and they want to get on with the game. But it’s obviously something the Americans do. It’s something I guess they work on in training. We try to work on scoring goals. We haven’t got time to work on celebrations. If it makes them happy and they win games, then good for them.”

Hmmmm…first Tony take those sour grapes out of your mouth. And second maybe your team should work on celebrations in practice because working on scoring goals in practice sure as hell didn’t work out for you in this game since you put a big goose egg up on the board. 



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