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Let’s freak out! Or not.


Or how about we all take a deep breath and take last night’s game for what it is worth, a preseason game which will feature a lot of guys fighting for roster spots.  I am not going to flip out like I have heard many Packer fans have on the talk radio today or posts from facebook. The Packers will be fine. While I am not oblivious to some aspects of last night’s game being in a simple word, crappy let’s all relax and go over some good things and some areas of improvement.

Let’s start with what I liked to get you all a positive dose of information to relax those nerves.

1. Hayward and McMilian. These two guys showed some great flashes last night. McMilian was a guy who loved to hit and play close to the line of scrimmage during his days at Maine. He did that a few times last night throwing his body around and making some good tackles to keep several runs to short yardage. Casey Hayward also played a nice game. He did a nice job in coverage and should have had what would have been a pick six, but overall these two guys caught my eye.

2. Vets- Aaron Rodgers and Charles Woodson did last night what they did constantly last season, make plays. Woodson had the strip which, Hayward recovered and put the Packers in a great position to score. After Rodgers missed a wide open Jordy Nelson in the end zone, he decided to make the more difficult throw two plays later and leave Joe Haden wondering, wtf mate? It was a beautiful throw by Rodgers and Nelson did what he did in every home regular season game last year, catch a touchdown.

3. Young playmakers- Wide receiver Jarrett Boykin probably won’t make this team but if he has another game like he did last night he could be a potential practice squad guy. Boykin who holds several receiving records at Virginia Tech hauled in 5 passes for 63 yards last night, both stats led the Packers. Tight end DJ Williams has been the guy with the first team offense since Jermichael Finley has been out with a quad injury. Williams made some nice catches last night and displayed soft hands as a good potential compliment to Finley this season.

Here is where the Packers can improve.

1. Back up offensive line- The second and third string line looked absolutely atrocious last night. There were no holes to run through and Graham Harrell was scrambling way too much. Guys like Herb Taylor and Sampson Genus need to show drastic improvement in the next few weeks, or these guys are gone.

2. Harrell- I realize Harrell didn’t have a lot of time, or good field position but his timing is way off. Too many times last night his throws were behind receivers. He didn’t really have any periods where he was consistent last night like he did against the Chargers. Talking with one of my bosses today hopefully speeding up his game is something Harrell can do.

3. Running game- Alex Green only got a few touches last night but when your top two rushers are Graham Harrell and Aaron Rodgers well in the words of Tony Larussa, “that’s a problem”. I am hoping Cedric Benson can provide a legit running threat to this offense.

Next week’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals will be the true test of the preseason since the Packers starters will play a full half for the first time. Have a great Friday night everyone!


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