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As if rock music didn’t have enough stereotypes behind it. Well you can add another one to that list because of Dave Mustaine’s comments about the recent shootings that have been happening around the country. The front man of the band Megadeath isn’t trying to hide the fact he is not a fan of president Barack Obama. 

However his recent comments which you can read in full here are something that is left to be desired. Basically Mustaine said at a show in Singapore that President Obama is behind the shootings that have taken place in Aurora, Colorado and at the Sihk Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin in an attempt to put a ban on guns. 

Now I have heard some pretty dumb conspiracy theories but this by far has to be put into my top three. I am sure Mustaine feels horrible for what happened at these places but in my opinion this is a slap in the face to those who were effected. I am sure the victims and family and friends who were affected by this do not want to hear how their loved ones are now part of a wild conspiracy theory. 

On a much smaller scale this leaves another black mark on the outlook and perception of rock/metal. While I do listening to Megadeath and DJ several of their songs every weekend, I would like to ask Dave Mustaine to please shut up or if you are going to make comments like this, or do it behind closed doors, not at one of your shows. Your dumb comments are making those in the rock industry look like a bunch of hateful and spiteful idiots. 



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