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Keys to tonight’s game vs. the Bengals

The preseason is half over and tonight is the night the Packers leave the big names in for longer than a few series to get into the swing of things for the season. Like most people, this is my favorite preseason game to watch since it is a pretty good indication of where the first team offense and defense is at. So without further ado here is what I am looking for tonight!

1. 6 wide receivers- Going into training camp I would have bet a lot of money the Packers would keep six wide-outs this year. Now I am not nearly as comfortable making that prediction. The guy I was really high on was Tory Gurley who at 6’4, 230 pounds could turn into a match-up nightmare in the red zone. The other guy was Diondre Borel, a former quarterback who would fit well in the slot. Both have missed a game because of injury and haven’t shown much in the game each has played in. Tonight one of them needs to step up or I don’t see more than five guys playing wide receiver. 

2. CB- Tramon Williams looks like his old self which is a blessing for the Packers secondary. Tonight I am looking at Jarrett Bush and Casey Hayward as they battle for the starting spot in the base defense. Bush made some really nice plays in the run game last week but his coverage reminds me of Swiss cheese. Hayward had some nice plays in coverage last week, (should have had a pick six) but I want to see more of him and his play-making ability. Davon House won’t be available til the regular season starts because of injury but don’t count him out just yet. 

3. C ben- Cedric Benson makes his Packer debut tonight against the team who decided not to retain his services. Benson slashed the Packers back in 09 and had some very productive seasons in Cinci. I am curious tonight how much he has left in the tank and can he be the guy who handles the work on first and second down. 

4. The return of GJ85- This was going to be a point about the return of Greg Jennings, and Jermichael Finley however Finley is back here in GB to be with his wife who gave birth to the couples second son today. Congrats Fin! So tonight will be the debut of Jennings who will bring a much needed kick to this offense. Jennings is the teams best route runner and can burn you deep. It’ll be nice to see the top five wide outs back for at least one preseason game. 




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