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Excited, but still, it’s the preseason

Last week I told everyone to relax, take a deep breath and stay calm because it is the preseason. I would be a hypocrite today if I did this blog entry about how great aspects of the Packers looked last night or wow this team has really come together. Instead I will take the approach I did last week and dissect the things I liked, and the things that I didn’t. 

First off here are the things I liked.

1. The defense- The pass rush looked like it had been injected with a five hour energy. B.J. Raji, Nick Perry and Erik Walden were a few of the guys I noticed who got some good pressure on Andy Dalton. AJ Green was held to one catch for only three yards. And lastly the takeaways. Granted they were against the Bengals back ups but nice to see Jamari Lattimore and Sam Shields to get their hands on the football. The defense still has a good amount of work to do but showed some nice strides this week.

2. Cedric Benson- Benson had 7 touches for a total of 48 yards last night, 38 on the ground. It was nice to see a Packers running back get hit and carry someone for a few more yards and break a few tackles. Benson looked strong so hopefully last night was a look of things to come.

Here is what I didn’t like.

1. The back up O-line. If one of the starting five goes down I really hope it’s an interior guy so Evan Dietrich-Smith can be the guy to go in. Or if one of the tackles goes down, TJ Lang gets moved there and EDS comes in because I have no faith in the other back up linemen. There were no holes to run through last night and Graham Harrell is running for his life every other drop-back. 

2. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers- The Packers have I believe 10 giveaways in three preseason games which is about what they had all of last regular season. I did not see Rodgers pick, (I was driving bro!) but heard from a few friends it was not Rodgers most flattering throw. Also the sure handed John Kuhn, who never fumbles has done the deed twice in his last couple games going back to last years divisional playoff game against the New York Giants.

Next Thursday’s game will feature the starters for one series, two at most but will give some of the guys on the bubble one last chance to prove why they should make the roster or are good enough to put on the practice squad. 



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