My name’s Ray!

When I first started this blog, one of the first posts I made was “The Great Canadian ‘Pliance Jump”. The video I am about to post deals with some of the same guys and is just as funny. Our protagonist is Ray, a drunk, older gentleman who is very difficult to understand. This video again deals with makeshift go cart type vehicles and jumping over things. So enjoy Ray’s last jump!


Man’s best friend.

If I ever get a pet one day, no doubt it will be a dog. My family has had two great dogs since I have been alive and it’s things like this that make me crack up. Watch the clip of this dog trying to find a place to sleep.

Keys to taking down the Saints

This year New Orleans has looked more like the Aint’s than the Saints. Tomorrow’s match-up will have a much different feel than last year’s opener at Lambeau. Last year there was a feeling of excitement and jubilance in the air, while tomorrow’s game will have a feeling of desperation and anger as neither team can afford to lose. It is a must win for both the 1-2 Green Bay Packers and the 0-3 New Orleans Saints. I hate being that guy who says it is a must win in week four but not many teams have started 1-3 and made it to the playoffs.

Here are some keys to tomorrow’s game:

1. Hit the big play:

  • The Pack have faced three of the toughest and most physical defenses in the first three weeks of the season which could be why their offense hasn’t clicked. The Saints rank 32nd against the run and 25th against the pass. If Green Bay doesn’t get into a rhythm against this defense we could be in for a long season. New Orleans corners got turned inside out last year by Greg Jennings and company, time to make it happen again.

2. Wrap up:

  • Last year Darren Sproles ran circles around the Packers linebackers. If Sproles catches the ball in space the Pack need to wrap him up immediately and prevent the YAC (yards after catch) Same thing with the speedy Devery Henderson and the beastly Jimmy Graham.

3. Hit Drew Brees:

  • Brees was sacked four times last week and has all ready thrown five interceptions in three games. Right tackle Zach Strief was a big part of the reason Brees got hit so much. Nick Perry on the left side recorded his first sack on Monday night and should be able to apply some good pressure. If not, time to move Clay around to wreck havoc.

I am sticking by my pick ’em prediction of the Packers getting the win.

Hope we see quite a few of these tomorrow.


Big Ten match-up Saturday

The non-conference games have come and gone and now it is time to renew rivalries in the Big Ten. This isn’t your father’s Big Ten with at least half the teams in the conference sporting dual-threat quarterbacks. There are some teams however like The Michigan State Spartans and The Ohio State Buckeyes who still like to use smash mouth running backs. The Spartans boast Le’veon Bell who is the best running back in the conference while the Buckeyes expect 6’1, 235 pound running back Carlos Hyde to return to the line-up this Saturday.

As a Buckeye fan watching last year’s match-up between these two squads was beyond frustrating watching Braxton Miller get sacked again and again and yes again in a 10-7 loss at The Shoe. The Buckeyes have plenty of young players on their roster who picked up valuable experience throughout last season so they should be a lot more prepared for the Spartans this time around.

The Spartans offense goes through Bell who has all ready amounted over six hundred yards in four games while their passing game hasn’t been much to boast about. Junior QB Andrew Maxwell has thrown only three touchdowns while also throwing three picks. If the Buckeyes can bottle up Bell, which is a very difficult task I look for the Spartans offense to struggle. On defense Michigan State still has plenty of weapons including junior defensive stud William Gholston who at 6’7 and 278 pounds is an intimidating force and is a big key to allowing the opposition just 11.8 points per game. If the Spartans can get to Miller and wrap him up it will be a long day for the Buckeyes.

I have been able to watch most of the Buckeyes games this season and while they are 4-0, I see a very inconsistent team. On offense quarterback Braxton Miller has made some great strides since his freshman year but still needs to improve his passing. His speed and agility make him one of the most dangerous runners in the country. However he needs to be more accurate and his receivers need to hold onto the ball. Carlos Hyde should be back this week which will give the Bucks the power running back they have been missing. On defense they are only giving up 17.3 points per game but the secondary is giving up a lot more yards than I thought they would. I like what I have seen from big Jonathan Hankins, senior John Simon and linebacker Etienne Sabino but someone else needs to step up on this defense and make some plays.

Even though Ohio State can’t make a bowl game this season, I am dedicated to ever as watching them every Saturday, (unless I am dj’ing) and I think they have enough talent to avenge last season’s loss.

Buckeyes in a close one, 24-20


I will admit this right away. Yes I understand the replacement refs were put in a tough position and most of them never had any professional experience before and the NFL played hard ball with the regular refs.  But boy am I glad these guys are gone! After missing blocks in the backs on punt returns, giving a team a fourth time-out and not understanding what constitutes as pass interference or roughing the passer tonight’s game featuring the Cleveland Browns at the Baltimore Ravens will have regular refs for the first time this season.

After watching Monday night’s disgrace of a last call, I am pissed to read this quote from side judge Lance Easley, “It was the correct call,” Easley told TMZ. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

You can read the post on for more.

I give people props when they stand by their remarks or predictions but this is a joke. YOU WERE WRONG! Be a man and admit it. Easley said he does not appreciate the negativity he is receiving. Well when you screw something up that bad I am not sure what you can expect from a bunch of angry, beer loving cheese-heads. Now if Easley is receiving death threats I will admit that is not something that shocks me with how people are today but that is taking things too far. There is no place for threats like that.

Do the pro refs make mistakes? Yes they do, but after watching Monday night I just don’t see that call getting blown by a regular officiating crew. I am so happy a deal is in place for the next 8 years and we won’t have to deal with this again until I am in my early 30’s. Welcome back Ed Hochuli and the rest of the guys, you are sure to be welcomed with open arms and booed when you make the wrong judgement call.

Now I feel better! Also if you have seen the new South Park episode which premiered last night it will help ease your pain a bit as well.

Song of the week 9-26

When I am not listening to the radio, I always have my IPOD handy. I turned it on shuffle the other day in hopes I would hear a bunch of songs I have neglected for awhile. While driving around yesterday afternoon, Linkin Park’s, “By Myself” popped on and I forgot how awesome and pumped up this song got me. Plus anytime Chester goes nuts it’s always a good thing.

This song is from their debut album, Hybrid Theory which is their best album to do date and with the direction they are going it will probably always be my favorite album. Yes I know the band can do what they want and all that crap. LP will always be one of my favorite bands but I just prefer Nu Metal and hard rock music. Plus their first couple albums were very easy to relate to. So take a trip back to 2000 and enjoy!

Week four picks

I meant to do this earlier this afternoon but being sick has got the best of me so I apologize for the late posting. My picks through three weeks are not looking that great. Do I feel bad? Not really because when I look at everyone’s pick ’em no one is really doing that good. With teams like Green Bay, Pittsburgh and New Englat 1-2 and the Saints 0-3 you know it’s been a wild first three weeks in the NFL.

Time to move onto this weeks games.

1. Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens:

  • Trent Richardson has earned the yards he has gotten in Cleveland and has found the end zone three times in three games. This Thursday he will face the best defense he has seen this season in the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have been up, then down, then up again on a come behind win on Sunday night against New England.  The Browns have cut down on the turnovers since week one but won’t take down the Ravens.
  • Baltimore 30-17

2. New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills:

  • Back in 2011 Tom Brady threw for, 387 yards, four touchdowns and four interceptions in his trip to Buffalo.  Buffalo won that game 34-31 and are 2-1 this season while New England is 1-2. I would love to see Buffalo shake things up a bit but I think the Pats are still too much for the Bills.
  • New England- 30-27

3. New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers:

  • After the Packers come off a loss which has just about brought a resolution to the referee lockout they play the surprising 0-3 New Orleans Saints. At least I am surprised they are 0-3, some might not be with the loss of Sean Payton. I keep flip flopping if the Packers are going to be suffering a hangover from Monday night’s debacle or if they are going to come out and kick some serious ass. I am hoping for the latter but with an 0-3 team coming into Lambeau I think they get it done in a shoot-out.
  • Packers- 38-31

4. New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles:

  • The Giants beat down the Carolina Panthers last Thursday night while the Eagles got beat down by the Arizona Cardinals. No one in the NFC East has really impressed me so far. The Eagles are 2-1 with two sloppy wins then getting blown away by Arizona. The Giants are also 2-1 with a loss on opening night, then a come from behind win and finally a demolishing of the Panthers. Giants are the hotter team and get it done.
  • Giants- 27-20

5. Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys:

  • Like I said above I am really not impressed with any teams from the NFC East. On Monday night the Dallas Cowboys welcome the Chicago Bears into town. The Cowboys looked great knocking off the defending champs on opening night then got crushed by Seattle and a sloppy win against the Bucs. The Bears looked explosive against the Colts, crushed by the Packers and then looked awful in a win over the Rams. This is basically a toss-up but I think the Bears defense makes enough plays to get the win in a sloppy game.
  • Bears- 24-20

If you want in on the pick ’em just comment below. Good luck!

Confused about how your picks have gone? Don’t worry, you are not the only one.

Through two weeks Packer fans have seen two different versions of the Green Bay Packers. While the offense has been stagnant, we have seen two completely different defenses. Week one looked like the same defense who struggled to tackle and gave up too many yards. Against the Bears the Pack made a few changes, giving Sam Shields the start over Jarrrett Bush and the more physical Jerron McMilian getting the start at safety over M.D. Jennings. Rookie Casey Hayward also got on the field quite a bit and had a solid performance. It resulted in  seven sacks and four interceptions. Here are some keys for tonight.

1. Make the big play-

  • The offense has had just one completion over 30 yards this season while having over 60 plays of 20 plus yards last season. Cedric Benson needs to have another strong game to open the play-action game.

2. Contain Marshawn Lynch-

  • After getting torched by the 49ers for over 180 yards rushing the Pack rebounded nicely by holding the Bears to 94 yards on the ground. Players like McMilian, Jerel Worthy and Mike Daniels need to build off their performances against the Bears.

3. Dealing with the noise-

  • The Seahawks have one of the loudest stadiums in the league and are one of the top places with the most false starts by opponents. The Pack need to remain disciplined and can’t afford to have that third and short false start in the middle of the field that always seems to plague them.

4. Pressure-

  • Against the Bears this was one of my main points and it resulted in seven sacks and four interceptions. This isn’t something that will happen every week, but I look for Clay Matthews and his league leading six sacks to start getting double teamed soon. Nick Perry has looked admirable so far but if Matthews gets doubled he needs to start making the impact plays.

I said in my pick ’em the Pack would win 30-20 and I am sticking with that.


Some new Avenged.

I am glad it didn’t take me over a year to find out Avenged Sevenfold had a new song like I did for their song, “Not ready to die” which appeared on Call of Duty Black OPS. The song is called, “Carry on” and will be featured on the upcoming sequel to Black OPS. If you like Avenged you will love this song with it’s fast paced theme and great guitar playing by the incredible Synyster Gates.


I’d do what you told me.

As you all know from reading this blog or if you are a new viewer, I LOVE rock music. Sorry to be that guy who randomly writes in all caps, but it needed to be stated that way. I am always a little weary when bands do covers but stumbling across this video on youtube today, I got chills up my spine. A band I found out about a few months ago called Dead Sara did a cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the name”. Take a listen/look here:

Lead singer Emily Armstrong has an incredible voice and to hear a hot rock chic like her scream, “KILLING IN THE NAME OF” (sorry for the caps again, but it was needed) just gives you goose bumps. And the rest of the band did a pretty damn good job as well.  I like it a lot more than the version Audioslave did with Chris Cornell back when they had their heyday and I love Chris Cornell, but Armstrong just kills it. Enjoy the link above and take a listen to their song, “Weatherman“. Another song to prove how strong of a voice Armstrong has.