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Who’s bringing home the hardware?

Now that the NFL regular season preview is done, it’s time to find out who is making a deep playoff run or going home early. Also have individual accolades to give out as well. Here we go!

AFC Rankings– 1. New England Patriots 2. Houston Texans 3. Baltimore Ravens 4. San Diego Chargers 5. Denver Broncos 6. Pittsburgh Steelers

Wild Card game 1– Baltimore over Pittsburgh- Rivals meet in the playoffs yet again. Baltimore’s improved offense takes them past Pittsburgh.

Wild Card game 2– Denver Broncos over San Diego Chargers- The Chargers return to the playoffs only to have no success there. Broncos get revenge for losing out on the division.

Division game 1– New England over Denver- The Brady-Manning rivalry is renewed but New England’s powerful offense proves to be too much.

Division game 2- Houston over Baltimore- Houston gets revenge for last year’s divisional loss to the Ravens.

AFC Championship- Houston over New England- I have said before Houston might have the best all-around team and their defense clamps down on Brady and the Patriots. Arian Foster runs wild.

NFC Rankings 1. Green Bay Packers 2. San Francisco 49ers 3. New York Giants 4. New Orleans Saints 5. Philadelphia Eagles 6. Chicago Bears

Wild Card game 1- Giants over Bears- The Bears have a nice rebound season but the Giants d-line interrupts the Bears offense.

Wild Card game 2- Eagles over Saints- Philly’s fast offense is able to outlast the Saints offense. Expect this to be a shoot-out.

Division game 1- Green Bay over Philly- The cold of Lambeau slows down Philly a bit and an improved Packers’ D shows up.

Division game 2- Deja vu for the 49ers who run into a powerful Giants team again.

NFC championship game- Packers over Giants- Packers finally take out the Giants at home. An improved overall Packers squad makes it to SB 47.

Super Bowl 47- Packers over Texans- The Packers never lose their chip on their shoulder mentality and turn it into a SB 47 win. With help from an improved defense and the threat to run the ball the Packers are back on top of the football world.


Individual season awards

MVP- Arian Foster

Offensive player- Drew Brees

Defensive player- DeMarcus Ware

Offensive rookie of the year- Justin Blackmon

Defensive rookie of the year- Mark Barron


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