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Song of the week, 9-11.

This week’s song will take us back a few years and after hearing this song live it made me realize what a phenomenal song it is. The song of the week is “Gasoline” by the band Seether. It is on the album. “Disclaimer ll”. Seether opened up with this song at a rock festival called ROCKUSA this past summer in Oshkosh, WI where they were one of the bigger acts on the card. ROCKUSA is a music festival the radio company I work for runs so naturally I got hook ups on tickets which is a phenomenal perk. If you are ever able to make it definitely worth the price of admission.

Gasoline is one of their heaviest songs which is one reason why I love it but it’s also got a good message to it. Plus it’s a sweet video which always helps. However there is one problem to this song, it’s not long enough. Cue the that’s what she said jokes!



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