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NFL picks week 2.

After a rough start to picks for a few of us we move on to week two of NFL picks. This week has some great match-ups with a lot of teams who should be making the playoffs and potential Super Bowl runs. I am not happy with being just one game over .500 for the first week so time to make some educated picks in week two! For additional picks check out my buddy Josh Brewer’s blog at

1. Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers.

  • The Packers let me down last week dropping their opener, and letting Frank Gore run all over them was embarrassing for this defense. Their biggest rival, Chicago, are in town this Thursday. Can’t start 0-2. Pack puts it together and finds a way to hit the big play on a tough defense.
  • Packers- 31-27

2. Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Every year NFL fans expect to see the Ravens defense put on a great show, but on national TV Monday night, the defense and offense put on one hell of a show with a 44-13 win over division rival Cincinnati. Philadelphia could only put up 17 points on the Browns so I don’t really seeing them beating the Ravens.
  • Baltimore- 27-17

3. NY Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Apparently scoring one touchdown in the preseason doesn’t mean you can’t put up a 48 spot in week 1. The Jets offense was dynamic and well-balanced last week against the Bills. Pittsburgh is looking to rebound after a disappointing loss on Sunday night. Steelers defense clamps down on Sunday.
  • Steelers- 24-16

4. Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers.

  • The Lions had a comeback win over the lowly St. Louis Rams and the 9ers came into Lambeau Field and out-physicaled the Packers. This could be a potential match-up in the playoffs. 49ers defense is too good Sunday night.
  • 49ers- 27-24

5. Denver Broncos at Atlanta Falcons.

  • Both teams had very impressive week one victories. Peyton Manning looked like his old self and I am looking forward to seeing him against a Falcons who lost CB Brent Grimes for the season. Atlanta did the Broncos a favor by dominating another AFC West team the Kansas City Chiefs. Manning’s magic keeps going.
  • Broncos- 34-27

Like last week comment below or if you know me you can write your picks on my facebook, twitter or in person. Good luck!



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I am a rock DJ for 93.5 in Green Bay, WI. Check it out, I am originally from Huron, Ohio which is a small town on Lake Erie. I love sports and rock music. Pretty much my two passions. I am a Green Bay Packers, Ohio State Buckeyes, New York knicks, Cleveland Indians and Milwaukee Brewers fan. Feel free to comment on the blog and give me your feedback. I love debating sports so bring your comments, just don't be a jerk about it. Any ideas for blog posts let me know!

4 responses to “NFL picks week 2.

  1. Al ⋅

    I got the Packers, Ravens, Steelers, 49ers, and Falcons

  2. Parker rohland ⋅

    Packers, eagles, Steelers, 49ers, broncos.

  3. Steve Paulus ⋅

    I got the Packers, Ravens, Jets, Lions, Falcons

  4. tozzi7

    Thanks for getting your picks in guys!

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