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Keys to victory

Well the Packers didn’t do a whole lot to show their defense improved and a legit running game last weekend against the 49ers. Tonight the Packers play against the Chicago Bears who possess a defense which can limit the big play just like San Fran did on Sunday. Here are some keys to tonight’s game.

1. Make the big play-  Last week the Packers longest gain was 48 yards which is impressive but most of it came after the catch on a pass to James Jones. With Greg Jennings in doubt someone needs to step and take the pressure off Jordy Nelson who will be the main deep threat. A big help to the big play would be a legit running game which can bring the safeties closer to the line and open up the play-action.

2. Pressure, pressure, pressure- The Packers sacked Alex Smith four times last week against a pretty good offensive line. The Bears possess a line that is about as sturdy as a piece of wet swiss cheese. I don’t know if the cheese being wet makes a difference but it does in my mind. Either way, Clay Matthews has go to be licking his chops and if he gets double-teamed time for Nick Perry to get the first sack of his career.

3. Communication- Maybe it’s because I was a communication major in college or I just down right think it’s smart to be on the same page as people. However the Green Bay Packers secondary needs to stop looking like The Road Runner just stole your lunch money. A perfect example was Randy Moss’ touchdown on Sunday. The guys all looked around, looked at each other and went, “who the!, what the!” and stood around baffled. I am tired of seeing this. Time for the guys to take responsibility of who blew the coverage and correct it on the next drive.

I am hoping to see some of theses things getting improved tonight because well, it’s Bears week and you never know what kind of game to expect. The adrenaline and passion that goes into this rivalry is achieved by few other rivalries in sports let alone the NFL. There are some butterflies in my stomach because 0-2 in the division with a 2-0 Bears team is a whole no one wants to deal with early. But I stick by my pick ’em and choose the Pack in a close one!


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