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Week four picks

I meant to do this earlier this afternoon but being sick has got the best of me so I apologize for the late posting. My picks through three weeks are not looking that great. Do I feel bad? Not really because when I look at everyone’s pick ’em no one is really doing that good. With teams like Green Bay, Pittsburgh and New Englat 1-2 and the Saints 0-3 you know it’s been a wild first three weeks in the NFL.

Time to move onto this weeks games.

1. Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens:

  • Trent Richardson has earned the yards he has gotten in Cleveland and has found the end zone three times in three games. This Thursday he will face the best defense he has seen this season in the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have been up, then down, then up again on a come behind win on Sunday night against New England.  The Browns have cut down on the turnovers since week one but won’t take down the Ravens.
  • Baltimore 30-17

2. New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills:

  • Back in 2011 Tom Brady threw for, 387 yards, four touchdowns and four interceptions in his trip to Buffalo.  Buffalo won that game 34-31 and are 2-1 this season while New England is 1-2. I would love to see Buffalo shake things up a bit but I think the Pats are still too much for the Bills.
  • New England- 30-27

3. New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers:

  • After the Packers come off a loss which has just about brought a resolution to the referee lockout they play the surprising 0-3 New Orleans Saints. At least I am surprised they are 0-3, some might not be with the loss of Sean Payton. I keep flip flopping if the Packers are going to be suffering a hangover from Monday night’s debacle or if they are going to come out and kick some serious ass. I am hoping for the latter but with an 0-3 team coming into Lambeau I think they get it done in a shoot-out.
  • Packers- 38-31

4. New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles:

  • The Giants beat down the Carolina Panthers last Thursday night while the Eagles got beat down by the Arizona Cardinals. No one in the NFC East has really impressed me so far. The Eagles are 2-1 with two sloppy wins then getting blown away by Arizona. The Giants are also 2-1 with a loss on opening night, then a come from behind win and finally a demolishing of the Panthers. Giants are the hotter team and get it done.
  • Giants- 27-20

5. Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys:

  • Like I said above I am really not impressed with any teams from the NFC East. On Monday night the Dallas Cowboys welcome the Chicago Bears into town. The Cowboys looked great knocking off the defending champs on opening night then got crushed by Seattle and a sloppy win against the Bucs. The Bears looked explosive against the Colts, crushed by the Packers and then looked awful in a win over the Rams. This is basically a toss-up but I think the Bears defense makes enough plays to get the win in a sloppy game.
  • Bears- 24-20

If you want in on the pick ’em just comment below. Good luck!

Confused about how your picks have gone? Don’t worry, you are not the only one.


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5 responses to “Week four picks

  1. Al ⋅

    Ravens, Pats, Pack, Giants, Bears
    Get it done!

  2. Parker rohland ⋅

    Ravens, pack, pats, cowboys, giants.

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