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I will admit this right away. Yes I understand the replacement refs were put in a tough position and most of them never had any professional experience before and the NFL played hard ball with the regular refs.  But boy am I glad these guys are gone! After missing blocks in the backs on punt returns, giving a team a fourth time-out and not understanding what constitutes as pass interference or roughing the passer tonight’s game featuring the Cleveland Browns at the Baltimore Ravens will have regular refs for the first time this season.

After watching Monday night’s disgrace of a last call, I am pissed to read this quote from side judge Lance Easley, “It was the correct call,” Easley told TMZ. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

You can read the post on for more.

I give people props when they stand by their remarks or predictions but this is a joke. YOU WERE WRONG! Be a man and admit it. Easley said he does not appreciate the negativity he is receiving. Well when you screw something up that bad I am not sure what you can expect from a bunch of angry, beer loving cheese-heads. Now if Easley is receiving death threats I will admit that is not something that shocks me with how people are today but that is taking things too far. There is no place for threats like that.

Do the pro refs make mistakes? Yes they do, but after watching Monday night I just don’t see that call getting blown by a regular officiating crew. I am so happy a deal is in place for the next 8 years and we won’t have to deal with this again until I am in my early 30’s. Welcome back Ed Hochuli and the rest of the guys, you are sure to be welcomed with open arms and booed when you make the wrong judgement call.

Now I feel better! Also if you have seen the new South Park episode which premiered last night it will help ease your pain a bit as well.


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