This is why I love Mike and Mike.

I always spend about 20 minutes of my morning watching Mike and Mike on ESPN before I head into work. The song, “Gangnam Style” is tearing it up right now and most people I know either love it or hate it. Apparently the people at ESPN feel the same way. Watch Mike and Mike rip it up with a great cover of the song!


Song of the week 10-31.

Happy Halloween everyone. Most of you who are in your 20’s probably are thinking, “Didn’t we celebrate Halloween this weekend?” Well you probably did but for those who didn’t get to party this weekend, hopefully you get to have some fun tonight. I bought Nonpoint’s self titled ninth studio album this past week and I am very impressed with it. The song I am sharing today is called, “Lights, Camera, Action”.

It is the opening track on the album and it gets the record started right with a loud in your face song. So pick up the album because it kicks ass and if you need some convincing just check out this song.

Packers-Jags recap.

I am going to go ahead and stop predicting blow-outs because both times I have done it the Packers have either lost (Colts) or played one of the most lackadaisical games in recent years (Jags yesterday).  They got the W which is what matters in the end, especially with all the key players and starters who missed the game. Here is to get what I learned from yesterday’s game.

1. Nelson/Jennings:

  • I learned yesterday the offense is able to function without either Greg Jennings (see the last few weeks) or could be without Jordy Nelson for a period of time if Jennings was healthy, but they can’t function highly without both. James Jones has played the best football of his career and Randall Cobb is a threat no matter where he is lined up but they need a true number one to be healthy for this offense to flow. Also if Jermichael “the fin” Finley can’t take advantage of Jennings and Nelson sidelined he needs one of them to take pressure off him.

2. Running game:

  • I learned the running game will not get better until someone on this offensive line gets pissed off and learns how to drive someone back. I also learned Alex Green probably can’t ice skate because he falls enough wearing cleats on a grass surface. I like Green and he has a lot of potential but stay on your feet man! This run game scares no one and until someone gets pissed the run game will remain stagnant.

3. Charles Woodson:

  • I learned that everyone who said the Packers might not miss Charles Woodson should probably rethink their strategy. Yes Woodson has lost a step or so but the Jaguar receivers found so much open space it was mind-blowing. Yes that’s the Jacksonville Jaguars receivers running free and allowing Blaine Gabbert to throw for over 300 yards.  Morgan Burnett hasn’t blossomed like I thought he would and the young guys like Hayward, House and McMillan will continue to get better but need a veteran presence to help out.

4. Pull out a win:

  • I also learned the Packers can beat an inferior opponent without six starters and playing in my mind their most uninspired football of the season. The defense made plays when it had to and Rodgers found James Jones for crucial first downs when they had too. Add in a blocked punt for a TD and the Packers did what they had to do to pull out a win. What matters in the end is a 5-3 record and with another home game Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals they have a good chance to go 6-3 before their bye.

What did you learn from yesterday? Share below!

Packers vs. Jaguars preview.

The Packers will be without Charles Woodson, Greg Jennings, Nick Perry, Sam Shields and John Kuhn.  Jordy Nelson is also a game-time decision so it is a realistic possibility the Packers have only one healthy inactive player today.  Let’s get to today’s points!

1. Jermichael Finley:

  • Time to prove the Packers didn’t make a mistake by resigning you Jermichael. I have always backed the guy because I know the talent that he has but he is still struggling with dropping easy passes. With no Jennings and possibly no Jordy, time for Jermichael to have his breakout game. If you do I will bust out the fin celebration in my living room!

2. No huddle offense:

  • The Jaguars are a joke. MJD is out for them and there is no one left on this offense that should put fear into anyone on the Packers sideline. So instead of getting complacent bust out the no-huddle offense early and go for the kill shot. I predicted the Packers to win 34-13 but this offense is capable of putting up over 40 points today. The Jaguars are 24th against the pass and 29th against the run.

3. Pressure:

  • The Jaguars have given up 18 sacks through six games this season.  Green Bay has 24 sacks through seven games  which is close to equaling the 29 sacks they posted in all 16 games last season. The play of rookies Nick Perry, Jerel Worthy and Mike Daniels have provided a boost to the pass rush. Because of these three, Clay Matthews has seen some favorable match-ups which has allowed him to rack up 9 sacks this season, best on the team and second in the NFL.

This game should be over before halftime is even reached. While the Pack do have a long list of key players injured, their depth has stepped up so far this season and Aaron Rodgers is playing so out of his mind, I don’t think it matters who he is throwing to. Pack get their third straight win of the season today 34-13.

Who doesn’t love epic fails?

Whenever I am bored youtube usually comes to my rescue and like most people I get a chuckle out of innocent, non-life threatening mishaps that happen to people. So watch this video of epic fails  and have a chuckle on a cold Saturday afternoon in Wisconsin. Who could forget embarrassing moments like Miss South Carolina’s speech about maps?

Week 8 picks.

It’s been a crazy, hectic week at work so I apologize for getting the picks up late. After seven weeks there is one game between first to second, second to third and third to fourth, so a strong week by one person can help pull away or a bad week of picks could bury someone. Al has taken the lead through seven weeks so let’s get to this week’s picks!

1. Jacksonville at Green Bay:

  • The Jaguars won’t have Maurice Jones-Drew this Sunday which is a bigger hit for them than the Packers being without Greg Jennings, Charles Woodson, Nick Perry, Sam Shields and possibly Jordy Nelson. One of the keys to the NFL, depth. The Packers are on a roll and Aaron Rodgers has hushed the doubters except Skip Bayless, but he’s an idiot. Pack keeps rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ rollin. Yes I just had a Limp Bizkit moment there.
  • Packers- 34-13

2. Atlanta at Philadelphia:

  • Atlanta’s opponents have a combined record of 13-24 this season so they might not be who we think they are but they are still a good team. They have done what they are supposed to do and their last two victories came on last minute drives. Matty Ice has been clutch. Philadelphia is one of the more interesting teams this year and the futures of Michael Vick and head coach Andy Reid will be story-lines through the rest of the season. The Eagles sloppy ways won’t keep going so I am taking Atlanta in this one.
  • Falcons- 27-23

3. New York Giants at Dallas:

  • The Cowboys are who I figured they would be. A team with a bunch of hype who doesn’t fulfill the expectations. Dallas is banged up. Leading tackler Sean Lee is out for the year and DeMarco Murray is still out.  The pass defense has played phenomenal this season but unfortunately the offense has too many turnovers and drops. The Giants are one of the more balanced offenses in the league and the defensive line loves to give Tony Romo a hard time. Giants extend their lead in the NFC East.
  • Giants- 27-20

4. New Orleans at Denver:

  • The Saints have won two straight but still have no defense to speak of. Denver has played, in my mind the toughest schedule so far this season. Peyton Manning looks like his old self so his eyes have to be wide as saucers to see how bad New Orleans defense is. This should be an awesome duel between two of the best QB’s in the league but I am going to take the man with four neck surgeries.
  • Broncos- 37-34

5. San Francisco at Arizona:

  • Can someone find out if Denny Green thinks if his old team, the Cardinals are who he thought they were for me? Thanks. Arizona has faltered over the last few weeks largely because they have no offense outside Larry Fitzgerald. The 49ers got a big win last week over divison rival, Seattle and have a long time to rest since they played last Thursday. The defense and Frank Gore are the keys to this team so look for plenty of blitzes on an inept Cardinals offense and a lot of Gore. Taking the 49ers in this one.
  • 49ers- 20-13

Green Bay’s Metal Elite

I am now doing a video podcast with a couple of my buddies, Irving and Zach to talk about metal and hard rock. Irving and Zach are the two hosts of the show and they have graciously allowed me to be a recurring guest on “Green Bay’s Metal Elite”. We just got our first video uploaded yesterday. In this episode we touch on some of our guilty pleasure music, upcoming rock/metal shows and plenty more! So check it out and let us know what you think.

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Song of the week 10-24

Today’s song of the week goes out to all the Deftones fans. I have always enjoyed the Deftones but have never listened to them a ton. The song I am going to share is called, “Tempest“. The Deftones sound has always intrigued me and kind of like the band, Tool always makes me space out when I listen to it.

A new Deftones album comes out on November 13th and is called Koi No Yokan and “Tempest” is the first single off the CD.

Packers-Rams recap.

Now the Packers can make the fans and media breathe a bit easier now after finally winning back-to-back games. Everyone else may be holding their breathe after seeing the Packers offense tear it up. After a slow first half the Packers got it going in the second right off the bat with an almost seven minute drive ending in an Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass to Randall Cobb. Time to get to yesterday’s points.

1.Young corners:

  • One of my points on Friday was how would young guys like Casey Hayward and Davon House play in bigger roles with the injury to Sam Shields. Hayward only picked off his fourth pass in three games to lead the team and House broke up a key 4th and 2 in Packer territory. Sam Bradford might not be the biggest challenge to opposing defenses but these two guys proved the NFL game fits them just fine.

2. WR Trio:

  • Greg Jennings has a very slim chance to be back in Green Bay next year for three reasons. 1. Can’t stay healthy. 2. Will want too much money. 3. Randall Cobb has made huge strides from year one to year two. I love what Jennings has done for the Packers but he will just have to big of a number in mind for the Packers to match.
  • What the trio of James Jones, Cobb and Jordy Nelson have done so far this year prove the Packers will be fine with these three in the future. These three racked up 264 of the 342 Rodgers threw for yesterday and three touchdowns. Jordy is back, Jones is a beast and Cobb is progressing so look for these three to be the backbone in the receiving core in the future and the rest of this season.

3. Running game:

  • I like Alex Green’s potential but this running game needs a spark and I think I know what that spark is, Randall Cobb. Not only has Cobb progressed in the receiving game but his three rushes for 67 yards this year warrants more touches. Green has the potential to break big runs but his 20 carries for 35 yards will not get it done consistently. The offense needs to find a way to get between 3-4 yards a carry.

Overall I was impressed with how this team played yesterday. The defense came up with some big sacks and stops when it had to while the offense is back to where it was in 2011. The Pack have two more winnable games before their bye which would put them at 6-3.