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Week 5 picks.

Josh and I got above .500 after a great fourth week of picks by both going 4-1 and making up some ground on Parker and Al. I apologize for the late updates, been a busy few days back in Ohio. Let’s get to the fifth week of picks!

1. Green Bay at Indianapolis:

The Packers offense got going last week against one of the crappier defenses in the NFL. This week they play a Colts team who has the 16th ranked pass defense and 25th ranked run defense. Aaron Rodgers got in a nice groove last weekend so look for that to continue. Andrew Luck has looked pretty good through three games, but with four picks the Packers should be able to get their hands on a few footballs. Colts will play them tough but Pack will pull away in the second half.

Packers- 34-20

2. Baltimore at Kansas City:

Jamaal Charles has been a beast but Matt Cassell is not looking like the smart quarterback he was a few years ago. The Ravens are very rested coming off a Thursday night game at the end of September so I look for them to come out and whoop on a Chiefs offense that is very prone to turn the ball over. The Chiefs have fared well against the pass so I look for Ray Rice to have a big game against a run defense which ranks 21st in the NFL.

Ravens- 27-17

3, Philadelphia at Pitsburgh:

If you were to look at the stat sheet on Philadelphia you would think they are an 0-4 or 1-3 team. However the stat sheet very rarely reveals the whole truth. The Eagles have found their taste for the dramatic and are finding ways to win games late. Just ask Cleveland, Baltimore and the Giants. Pittsburgh is coming off a very early bye and will be welcoming back Rashard Mendenhall. They rank 30th in rushing through three games and if Mendenhall is healthy, he will be a huge upgrade. Philly’s sloppy ways to win games ends because of a Steeler defense which is ready to pounce.

Steelers- 24-20

4. New England at Denver:

New uniform for Peyton Manning doesn’t change the rivalry between him and the Patriots. I have always enjoyed watching him and Tom Brady go at it. With both teams sitting at 2-2 it is not a must win for either but would be a nice boost going ahead and with the NFL you never know how the year will end up when it comes to playoff seeding. New England has apparently found a way to run the ball so I look for them to have a slight edge in this one.

New England- 31-27

Houston at NY Jets:

Well we needed a fifth game for our pick ’em and there were a lot of crappy match-ups so Josh and I decided to keep picking the Monday night game. The Jets can add Santonio Holmes on IR to join corner Darrelle Revis. Houston in my mind is the best overall team in the NFL. The Jets are floundering (probably thought I would use that to describe Miami eh?) Sanchez is gonna be in for a long night and Tim Tebow will do a hell of a job as a punt blocker but it won’t be enough! Houston shows their dominance.

Houston- 34-17

Comment below for your picks!



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3 responses to “Week 5 picks.

  1. Parker rohland ⋅

    Pack, ravens, Steelers, pats, Texans.

  2. Al ⋅

    Packers, Ravens, Pittsburgh, Denver, Texans
    Nice one on the floundering. Got a nice chuckle out of it.

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