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Week six picks.

The pick ’em has gotten close in the last few weeks with only one game separating the four of us in the contest. Time to get to this week’s picks!

1. Detroit at Philadelphia:

  • Philadelphia’s string of sloppy play and pulling it out at the end came to a close last Sunday falling to Pittsburgh. Good news for them is they play the 1-3 Detroit Lions whose defensive line has been very quiet and an offense that has struggled so far. Detroit looks like the classic team who comes to the party one year then fades away. I am not impressed with either one of these teams but Philly will get it done.
  • Eagles- 27-23

2. Dallas at Baltimore:

  • Will Dallas be able to put it together at any point? Tony Romo has thrown for a ton of yards through four games but has more picks (8) than touchdowns (5). Their pass defense it ranked number one in the NFL with the additions of Brandon Carr and the drafting of Morris Claiborne. However the running game is averaging 67 yards a game, good for 30th in the league. Baltimore’s defense has stepped it up the last two weeks holding their opponents to a combined 22 points. Unlike years ago the offense is winning game on the arm of Joe Flacco and the legs of Ray Rice. Ravens are too much for Dallas.
  • Ravens- 24-20

3. NY Giants at San Francisco: 

  • The rematch of last years NFC Championship game is the game of the week tomorrow. These two teams boast two of the best defensive front sevens in the game, so expect another physical match-up tomorrow. The Giants running game last year was terrible which made the 49ers job easier to get Eli Manning. However this year the Giants are 12th on offense while the 9ers are 7th against the run. I am excited to watch this game tomorrow and see if turnovers are a factor just like last year. This is going to be a close one but I think the Giants are more balanced on offense.
  • Giants- 31-27

4. Green Bay at Houston:

  • The Packers need to find a way to light a fire under their ashes for this one. Bright lights, prime time and against an undefeated opponent. I don’t think the Packers have been mentally tough throughout this season. One thing goes wrong and all of a sudden the body language goes sluggish and the three and outs pile up. Houston in my mind is the best team in football. They pass well, run well and block well on offense. The defense even though they lost Brian Cushing have plenty of guys who can get to the QB and are 9th against the run. Houston is just too good of a team for the Packers to overcome.
  • Texans- 34-31

5. Denver at San Diego:

  • Outside of playing the Raiders, the Broncos have had one of the hardest opening schedules in football. Denver finds themselves in a similar situation to the Packers. With a loss you drop to 2-4 and are climbing a big uphill battle. This game is not a must win for Denver but a loss will hurt for the fact they would be 2-4 and it would be a loss against the team who’s in first place. San Diego has been steady this year compared to a ridiculously slow start or coming out of the gates firing like they have done plenty of times in the past.  San Diego hasn’t been overly impressive even though they lead the AFC West which is usually up for grabs. I think the Chargers get it done at home.
  • Chargers- 28-24



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2 responses to “Week six picks.

  1. Al ⋅

    Philadephia, Baltimore, 49ers, Packers, Broncos

  2. Parker rohland ⋅

    Lions, 49ers, ravens, broncos, packers

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