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Packers-Texans recap.

Sometimes it’s OK to be wrong, especially when you choose your favorite team to lose and then they come out and lay the smack down on an undefeated opponent. Let’s recap and talk about my points for the Packers keys to pull off an upset from yesterday.

1. Big plays to Jordy Nelson:

I said sooner or later this had to happen. Well it happened soon, then a bit later and then later. Nelson and Rodgers connected for 9 catches for over 120 yards and three scores. This combo was lethal last year and if last night was an indication they are back on track, get your popcorn ready.

2. Contain JJ Watt:

Well Watt got two sacks last night against the Pack but not many teams have been able to handle him. The good thing is the guys around him were not up to par.

3. Alex Green:

While his yards per carry are not impressive, 22 carries for 66 yards Green proved he can handle 20 plus touches in a game. Green has the ability to explode for long gains but left some yards on the field last night. With more carries he will continue to get better, but he did do enough last night to pose a threat.

4. Limit Arian Foster after contact.

Does this quote look familiar? “There is no point to go around and say hey let’s keep Arian Foster to 50 yards because, well it won’t happen.” Well I was wrong and that did happen. Foster had only 29 yards on 17 carries. Yes Arian Foster had only 29 yards. I am still trying to get that to sink in. The defense played a hell of a game without nose tackle, B.J. Raji.

However there was some not good news released today. Middle linebacker D.J. Smith is suspected to be out for the year with a torn ACL. Smith is the guy who has replaced fellow middle backer Desmond Bishop who tore his hamstring in the preseason. Also back up running back and special teams player Brandon Saine tore his ACL.

Overall it was a great win by the Pack last night but they need to play this way again next week to prove they are back. And Rodgers has this to say to haters:

I’m Ryan Fantozzi and I approve this blog.



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