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Packers-Rams recap.

Now the Packers can make the fans and media breathe a bit easier now after finally winning back-to-back games. Everyone else may be holding their breathe after seeing the Packers offense tear it up. After a slow first half the Packers got it going in the second right off the bat with an almost seven minute drive ending in an Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass to Randall Cobb. Time to get to yesterday’s points.

1.Young corners:

  • One of my points on Friday was how would young guys like Casey Hayward and Davon House play in bigger roles with the injury to Sam Shields. Hayward only picked off his fourth pass in three games to lead the team and House broke up a key 4th and 2 in Packer territory. Sam Bradford might not be the biggest challenge to opposing defenses but these two guys proved the NFL game fits them just fine.

2. WR Trio:

  • Greg Jennings has a very slim chance to be back in Green Bay next year for three reasons. 1. Can’t stay healthy. 2. Will want too much money. 3. Randall Cobb has made huge strides from year one to year two. I love what Jennings has done for the Packers but he will just have to big of a number in mind for the Packers to match.
  • What the trio of James Jones, Cobb and Jordy Nelson have done so far this year prove the Packers will be fine with these three in the future. These three racked up 264 of the 342 Rodgers threw for yesterday and three touchdowns. Jordy is back, Jones is a beast and Cobb is progressing so look for these three to be the backbone in the receiving core in the future and the rest of this season.

3. Running game:

  • I like Alex Green’s potential but this running game needs a spark and I think I know what that spark is, Randall Cobb. Not only has Cobb progressed in the receiving game but his three rushes for 67 yards this year warrants more touches. Green has the potential to break big runs but his 20 carries for 35 yards will not get it done consistently. The offense needs to find a way to get between 3-4 yards a carry.

Overall I was impressed with how this team played yesterday. The defense came up with some big sacks and stops when it had to while the offense is back to where it was in 2011. The Pack have two more winnable games before their bye which would put them at 6-3.



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