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Packers-Jags recap.

I am going to go ahead and stop predicting blow-outs because both times I have done it the Packers have either lost (Colts) or played one of the most lackadaisical games in recent years (Jags yesterday).  They got the W which is what matters in the end, especially with all the key players and starters who missed the game. Here is to get what I learned from yesterday’s game.

1. Nelson/Jennings:

  • I learned yesterday the offense is able to function without either Greg Jennings (see the last few weeks) or could be without Jordy Nelson for a period of time if Jennings was healthy, but they can’t function highly without both. James Jones has played the best football of his career and Randall Cobb is a threat no matter where he is lined up but they need a true number one to be healthy for this offense to flow. Also if Jermichael “the fin” Finley can’t take advantage of Jennings and Nelson sidelined he needs one of them to take pressure off him.

2. Running game:

  • I learned the running game will not get better until someone on this offensive line gets pissed off and learns how to drive someone back. I also learned Alex Green probably can’t ice skate because he falls enough wearing cleats on a grass surface. I like Green and he has a lot of potential but stay on your feet man! This run game scares no one and until someone gets pissed the run game will remain stagnant.

3. Charles Woodson:

  • I learned that everyone who said the Packers might not miss Charles Woodson should probably rethink their strategy. Yes Woodson has lost a step or so but the Jaguar receivers found so much open space it was mind-blowing. Yes that’s the Jacksonville Jaguars receivers running free and allowing Blaine Gabbert to throw for over 300 yards.  Morgan Burnett hasn’t blossomed like I thought he would and the young guys like Hayward, House and McMillan will continue to get better but need a veteran presence to help out.

4. Pull out a win:

  • I also learned the Packers can beat an inferior opponent without six starters and playing in my mind their most uninspired football of the season. The defense made plays when it had to and Rodgers found James Jones for crucial first downs when they had too. Add in a blocked punt for a TD and the Packers did what they had to do to pull out a win. What matters in the end is a 5-3 record and with another home game Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals they have a good chance to go 6-3 before their bye.

What did you learn from yesterday? Share below!


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