Oh, uh, it’s the pleats… the pleats in the pants

It’s a good thing NFL games don’t last more than four hours otherwise some players might have to consult with their doctors. At least they would have to if Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall is right. Marshall said the other day NFL players are popping Viagra like Skittles.

Here is the link to the article, it’s a great read.



Song of the week 11-28

It’s the last song of the week for the month of November and it comes from a band who I listened to quite a bit in high school. The band is Trapt, and the song I am sharing is their lead single off the upcoming album, Reborn. The song is called, “Bring It” which is a very fitting title because the song literally brings “it” This is one of the heavier songs they have produced in the last few years and the video is pretty badass. 


Breaking the mold.

I would love to see someone do something like this on an American “talent” singing show. Rachel La Voix D’Homme decided to break the mold on “France’s Got Talent” by singing a song by the French metal band, “Kerion”. WARNING- You won’t be able to understand 95% of what you are hearing because they are either speaking in French or you won’t be able to understand her vocals.

While I am not into metal with all screaming or growling, it is pretty awesome to see someone do something like this. Plus she is hot, so that doesn’t hurt either. The looks and reaction she gets from the crowd is priceless. Enjoy!



Recap of the Packers-Giants game.

Many Packer fans are probably wondering what the hell happened last night. Well let me take you through what I saw last night and shed some light on why the Packers laid a giant egg.

1. Ate too much turkey:

  • They must have kept eating turkey throughout the weekend because the team I watched last night had zero fire and zero drive to win this game. The end result was getting kicked in the teeth and having your star quarterback getting hit on half of his drop backs.

2. Tackling:

  • The tackling last night was abysmal. One of my key points last night was to limit the YAC (yards after catch). Ahmad Bradshaw’s 59 yard reception on the first drive of game was a key example of what couldn’t happen. More missed tackles on Andre Brown, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz made things even worse.

3. No pressure:

  • You can only be without one of your best pass rushers for so long and that was apparent last night. The Packers only registered one sack and had very little overall pressure on Eli Manning. Manning’s 16-30 was more about him missing throws than being hurried into some passes. The Claymaker can’t get back soon enough.

4. Offensive line:

  • Rodgers has been sacked 37 times this season. So almost 3.5 times per game. That is way too much for any quarterback to get hit, let alone the reigning MVP. As I mentioned earlier Rodgers was hit over 50% of his drop backs last night. That number is absolutely mind boggling. Bryan Bulaga is not coming back so it’s up to the five guys up front to dig deep and keep Rodgers off his back.


I love the Mayne Event.

Kenny Mayne needs to be on ESPN more. The guy is just downright hilarious and his segment, “The Mayne Event” 99% of the time leaves me laughing. The Green Bay Packers have been all over the television world this season but two of the Packers players are going the local route.


Keys to a Packer victory tonight.

The last time the Packers were on Sunday night football they basically mercy ruled the Houston Texans with a 42-24 point victory. Aaron Rodgers threw six touchdown passes and Arian Foster ran for less than 30 yards. I don’t think Rodgers will throw for six touchdowns again tonight but here are some keys if they want to pull out a W.

1. Pressure:

  • The Packers are once again without Clay Matthews. Last week they recorded five sacks without him, but Matthews is a player they can’t afford to lose for big games such as this. The rotation of Frank Zombo, Erik Walden and Dezman Moses will be key to keep fresh legs on the field. I am also looking for Mike Neal, Jerel Worthy and Mike Daniels to get pressure up the middle to free up space for the linebackers.

2. Running game/Screens:

  • The Giants boast one of the fastest and deepest defensive line groups in the NFL. James Starks and Alex Green need to get consistent yardage to keep this group from going all out after Rodgers every play. The infusion of some draws and successful screens will allow the offense an extra half second if plays such as these can keep the defense honest.

3. Limit YAC:

  • Casey Hayward has looked like a rookie very few times this season, but will be challenged tonight if/when he matches up on Victor Cruz in the slot. The Packers have done a great job this year to not get burned on the big plays like they did last year. However when you go up against Cruz and Hakeem Nicks these guys are fast and strong and can easily run past you or drag defenders a few extra yards. Also watch out for Ahmad Bradshaw coming out of the backfield.

I wrote in my game picks yesterday I have a bad feeling about this game. Eli Manning has played crappy for too long for this to keep going on. If the Giants are still in a slump the Pack should win this easily but I don’t see it happening for a fourth straight game.

THE Rivalry.

This is one of many reasons I love the OSU-Michigan rivalry. I plan on doing an overview of the Buckeyes season later this week but first, enjoy this short video of the chipiness between these two storied rivals.


Week 12 Picks

I had a perfect 5-0 in picks last week but still trail my friend, Josh Brewer by a few games in our pick’em. Make sure you check out his blog at alwaysbrewing.blogspot.com. Let’s get to the picks!

1. Minnesota at Chicago:

  • Minnesota is one of the big surprises of the NFL and got a key win against Detroit two weeks ago. They are only a game behind the Bears and the Packers for first place so this is a huge game for both teams. The Vikings will not have Percy Harvin at their disposal because of an ankle injury which will limit what Minnesota can do on offense. Onthe Bears side of things they will get Jay Cutler back. I think Bears fans saw how important Cutler is to this team because Jason Campbell couldn’t do anything against a tough 49ers defense. The return of Cutler and the absence of Harvin will be the deciding factors for a Bears victory.
  • Bears- 27-16

2. Atlanta at Tampa Bay:

  • Tampa Bay is another surprise team competing for a playoff spot in the NFC. They welcome the 9-1 Falcons to town who started hot and have found ways to win some sloppy games. Tampa has the worst rated pass defense in the NFL so look for Matty Ice to get back on track this week even if he doesn’t have stand-out Julio Jones lining up across from Roddy White. The keys for Tampa to win are a steady dose of Doug Martin and for Josh Freeman to be smart with the ball. Atlanta has to take advantage of Tampa’s terrible pass D. The Falcons get back on track.
  • Falcons- 34-24

3. New Orleans at San Francisco:

  • Jim Harbaugh declared he was going to ride the hot hand at quarterback and is doing just that by naming second year man Colin Kaepernick the starter for Sunday. After he tore apart the Bears’ defense on Monday night, Harbaugh gave the nod to the Nevada product to go against a horrendous New Orleans defense. New Orleans has quietly won three straight and five of their last six, the Saints are quietly approaching the group of teams fighting for the wild card spots. I think the 9ers made a premature decision at quarterback and the Saints hot streak will continue.
  • Saints- 30-20

4. Baltimore at San Diego:

  • Before the season started this was one of the games I was looking forward to the most. But yet again, the Chargers are who we thought they were. A team with a ton of talent who can’t live up to it. Philip Rivers is struggling again to protect the ball (see the Tampa game). The Ravens pulled out an impressive win in a slug fest with the Steelers on Sunday night football. Jacoby Jones has been an incredible acquisition for this team but they need to get Ray Rice the ball more since he is only averaging 55 yards rushing a game in his last five. Ravens are just the superior team here.
  • Ravens- 27-17

5. Green Bay at NY Giants:

  • The Packers are pulling out games this year with their defense and offense which has made their five game winning streak even more impressive. They will be without Clay Matthews again this week which I think will be a huge blow. The Giants are in a slump but I don’t trust this team any farther than I can throw them. And with my bad knee I shouldn’t be throwing anybody. I feel like the Giants wake up out of their coma this Sunday and end the Packers streak.
  • Giants- 27-24

Song of the week 11-23

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I am finally feeling like I can eat again after not wanting to move from about 1 PM yesterday. This weeks song is from a band I saw back in 2009 as an opener for Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd and Skillet. The band is called, Like a Storm. They are a post-grunge rock band from New Zealand and have some pretty kick-ass tunes. This one is called, “Enemy“. They have also done a sweet cover of Alice in Chains’, “Man in the Box”.



Recap of Packers-Lions game.

Aaron Rodgers can now make more so called experts shut their mouths. Many thought Rodgers couldn’t engineer game winning drives, but guess what? He did just that yesterday. Also the defense that got burned and bailed out by the offense so many times last season, was key to bringing home a W in a very important division game. Let’s get to why the Packers won yesterday.

1. Pass Rush:

  • Not only did the Packers rack up five sacks without Clay Matthews, they got consistent pressure on Matt Stafford which resulted in a day of 22 incompletions. Guys like Erik Walden and Dezman Moses had phenomenal games by getting sacks and forcing fumbles. The depth on this team is easily superior to what they had last season.

2. Young secondary:

  • Cornerback, in my mind is one of the most difficult positions to get acclimated to in the NFL. Don’t tell that to Casey Hayward. Hayward, a second round pick out of Vanderbilt added another interception to bring his team lead to five. Davon House, who was looking to start the year as the starting cornerback in the base defense adds great depth. House made several nice pass break-ups yesterday and recorded his first career sack. Add the touchdown return from M.D. Jennings and another sack and 10 tackles from Morgan Burnett and this secondary looks very different from last year.

3. Jermichael Finley:

  • YOTTO! Well Jermichael really isn’t taking over but he made a huge impact on offense yesterday. Finley put the Packers up 7-3 on a wide open catch and run into the end zone. Also his 40 yard scamper down the sideline with under four minutes to go was a great site seeing as Finley hasn’t had a long catch all season. Hopefully this jump starts the rest of his season.

4. Calm and collected:

  • With four minutes left and down six points, Aaron Rodgers and the offense took the field and put together an extremely impressive drive that started with an 11 yard draw by James Starks and the game winning touchdown to Randall Cobb with 1:55 left to go.