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Just Stop.

I love what the Oregon Ducks do by changing up their uniforms every week. They are creative and have awesome combinations of helmets, jerseys and shoes every week.  However there are some teams who just need to stick with their traditional uniforms. That team is Maryland. Last year they revealed possibly the ugliest uniforms I have ever seen.  Honorable mention for awful uniforms also goes out to Nebraska, Michigan and Wisconsin for putting a big, N, M or W on their jerseys. But Maryland please stop with the awful uniforms. It gets worse by seeing the shoes they will be sporting today. Take a look for yourself:–ncaaf.html

Clowns would be ashamed to wear those shoes.


I’m Ryan Fantozzi and I approve this blog.


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I am a rock DJ for 93.5 in Green Bay, WI. Check it out, I am originally from Huron, Ohio which is a small town on Lake Erie. I love sports and rock music. Pretty much my two passions. I am a Green Bay Packers, Ohio State Buckeyes, New York knicks, Cleveland Indians and Milwaukee Brewers fan. Feel free to comment on the blog and give me your feedback. I love debating sports so bring your comments, just don't be a jerk about it. Any ideas for blog posts let me know!

2 responses to “Just Stop.

  1. I live in Maryland… but from WV. I agree, those MD uniforms are awful. Know whats worse…. old school astros unis…

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