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NFL Picks week 10.

The Packers have their bye this week which comes at a great time with the amount of injuries piling up. The five weekly picks continue and there are some interesting implications in some of these games. Let’s get at it!

1. Detroit at Minnesota:

  • The Lions started off horrible early on this year and are now battling to get out of the basement in the NFC North. They take their momentum into Minnesota this weekend to square off against a Vikings team who is reeling after posting a 5-2 record to start the season. Detroit has looked like the team from last season lately and need this win to keep pace in the fiercely competitive NFC North.
  • Lions 27-17

2. Atlanta at New Orleans:

  • New Orleans got a season saving win last week over the Philadelphia Eagles. The Saints at 3-5 still have a small chance to make the playoffs and will have a hell of a test this Sunday against the undefeated Falcons. New Orleans defense stepped it up last week but then again whose defense hasn’t against the Eagles? The Falcons offense is explosive and I think Michael Turner gives the Saints defense a swift kick in the teeth.
  • Falcons- 34-27

3. Oakland at Baltimore:

  • The Ravens held on against a Browns team last week who refuses to go quietly while Oakland couldn’t have stopped Doug Martin if they had 15 guys on defense trying to tackle him. Baltimore needs to keep going through Ray Rice on offense. Joe Flacco has had some incredible games this year but Rice is what makes this team go. Carson Palmer threw for over 400 yards last week but they can’t keep from turning the ball over. This could be another confidence building game for the Baltimore D.
  • Ravens- 27-16

4. Dallas at Philadelphia:

  • Back when I did my season preview I had the Eagles winning the NFC East with the Cowboys taking third. The Eagles could keep in the hunt with a win this Sunday and a possible mid-season collapse by the Giants. A loss for either one of these teams spells doom on any chance to make the playoffs. Both teams can’t take care of the ball but the Eagles have too much explosiveness for the Cowboys to handle.
  • Eagles- 30-20

5. Houston at Chicago:

  • What do both these teams have in common? They are both 7-1 and their only loss has been to the Green Bay Packers. Sorry I couldn’t do this post and not have some reference to my Packers. Houston is probably the most balanced team in the NFL while Chicago boasts a defense that is more explosive than their offense. Houston can beat you in so many ways so I like them to pull out the win on Sunday night.
  • Texans- 20-17



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2 responses to “NFL Picks week 10.

  1. Al ⋅

    Bears, Ravens, Lions, Eagles, Saints
    Not gona conform this week.

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