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Week 11 picks.

I didn’t have the greatest showing in my picks last week only going 2-3. The Pack and Buckeyes are both back in action so my weekend is complete! Now I just need to do better in my picks.

1. Green Bay at Detroit:

  • The Packers had an interesting bye week where Aaron Rodgers might have gotten engaged but don’t ask him about that, he cares more about his play on the field. Bryan Bulaga went on IR and a few guys such as Jordy Nelson and John Kuhn should be back. Detroit has its back against the wire cage which makes them a very dangerous team. The Packers have been playing very solid football. Detroit will make too many mistakes and the Pack will tame the Lions with their whip and stool to bring home the W.
  • Packers- 31-27

2. San Diego at Denver:

  • Will someone please get a hold of Ron Burgundy and have him tell the Chargers he has an urgent and horrifying news story to tell them. That message would go something like, “hey if you lose this game, you can kiss a possible division title and playoff spot good-bye.” Well they can kiss it good-bye because they can’t take care of the damn ball and Peyton Manning is playing stupid good this season.
  • Denver- 30-20

3. Indianapolis at New England:

  • The 6-3 Colts, (cue the Tim Allen, AWOOOOAAAAH!) are on the road to take on the 6-3 Patriots. Andrew Luck has looked like a rookie at times but has proven why he was the number one selection this season. The Colts are in an overhaul of their roster, new defense and have their head coach, Chuck Pagano going through cancer and have played better than anyone outside the organization thought. New England’s offense got even better this year with the emergence of running back, Stevan Ridley but the defense is still horrendous against the pass. Luck will have a chance to carve up some early Thanksgiving turkey but New England is the superior team.
  • Patriots- 34-27

4. Baltimore at Pittsburgh:

  • This is a Baltimore team that has won because of offense this season. Yes, offense. With a defense ranking 26th against the run and pass and squaring off against a division foe who ranks 1st against the pass and 5th against the run, the Ravens will have their hands full. But much like a Packers-Bears game, throw the records and stat rankings out the window and get strapped in for a physical, mauling match between two teams battling for first in the AFC North. Steelers are on a hot streak but with no Roethlisberger I have to go with the Ravens.
  • Baltimore- 24-16

5. Chicago at San Francisco:

  • Pretty sure the last time these two teams played each other in a prime time game it was the battle of Ken Dorsey vs. Craig Krenzel. Monday’s game could have a battle of backup QB’s again with Jay Cutler all ready ruled out leaving Jason Campbell at the helm. Alex Smith’s availability is still up in the air which could leave second year man Colin Kaepernick starting of the 49ers. Either way this game will come down to the running game, defense and who can make the big play needed to pull off a win. Monday night it will be San Fran.
  • 49ers- 23-16

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