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Recap of the Packers-Giants game.

Many Packer fans are probably wondering what the hell happened last night. Well let me take you through what I saw last night and shed some light on why the Packers laid a giant egg.

1. Ate too much turkey:

  • They must have kept eating turkey throughout the weekend because the team I watched last night had zero fire and zero drive to win this game. The end result was getting kicked in the teeth and having your star quarterback getting hit on half of his drop backs.

2. Tackling:

  • The tackling last night was abysmal. One of my key points last night was to limit the YAC (yards after catch). Ahmad Bradshaw’s 59 yard reception on the first drive of game was a key example of what couldn’t happen. More missed tackles on Andre Brown, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz made things even worse.

3. No pressure:

  • You can only be without one of your best pass rushers for so long and that was apparent last night. The Packers only registered one sack and had very little overall pressure on Eli Manning. Manning’s 16-30 was more about him missing throws than being hurried into some passes. The Claymaker can’t get back soon enough.

4. Offensive line:

  • Rodgers has been sacked 37 times this season. So almost 3.5 times per game. That is way too much for any quarterback to get hit, let alone the reigning MVP. As I mentioned earlier Rodgers was hit over 50% of his drop backs last night. That number is absolutely mind boggling. Bryan Bulaga is not coming back so it’s up to the five guys up front to dig deep and keep Rodgers off his back.



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