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Week 13 picks.

I made up more ground last week on my NFL pick ’em for the year and with some help can overtake my friend and former college radio co-host Josh Brewer. Be sure to check out his blog at Josh is a great writer and definitely not afraid to tell you he is opinion so be sure to give it a read. Let’s get to the picks!

1. Seattle at Chicago:

  • It’s the point in the season where the smallest slip up can have heavy implications on how the season ends. This is one of those games. Seattle is holding the 6th spot in the playoffs while Chicago has a one game lead over the Packers. Seattle has Tampa Bay and Minnesota breathing down it’s neck while Chicago needs a win to stay a game ahead in the division. Their week two loss at Green Bay looms over their head until a week 15 rematch at Soldier Field. Chicago comes out on top.
  • Bears- 23-17

2. Minnesota at Green Bay:

  • It’s week 13 and this is the first match-up with our neighbors to the West. Minnesota has been on a steady decline which happens to coincide with losing Percy Harvin for the last few games. Harvin is out again tomorrow leaving the Vikings without on of their top two play-makers. The Packers need to avenge the ugly defeat to the Giants on Sunday night football and put a wallop the Vikings. Aaron Rodgers needs to get time from his line and the shorter passing game needs to come into play. I’m going with the Pack in this one. 
  • Packers- 30-20

3. Tampa at Denver:

  • Like Seattle, the Buccaneers are in a position to squeak into the 6th spot in the playoffs. The only problem is Tampa is playing a Denver team who has won six straight and Peyton Manning looks like he never took a year off from the game. I think Tampa will keep it competitive for awhile but with a putrid pass defense Denver pulls away in the second half. 
  • Broncos- 34-23

4. Baltimore at Pittsburgh:

  • Baltimore won in a dog-fight a few weeks ago but with no Ben Roethlisberger this weekend I don’t see a way the Steelers can beat the Ravens. The Steelers turned the ball over eight times in a defeat to the Cleveland Browns while Ray Rice proved he NEEDS to be the focal point in Baltimore’s offense by picking up an incredible 4th and 29. 
  • Ravens- 23-10

5. NY Giants at Washington:

  • What a difference a minute can make. These teams could be tied atop the NFC East right now had Santana Moss not dropped a go ahead touchdown then saw Eli Manning hit Victor Cruz on a bomb to bring home a W to the G-men. RG3 is playing outstanding football and taking care of the football. Unfortunately for the Skins I just feel the Giants caught fire annihilating the Packers last week.
  • Giants- 27-24



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2 responses to “Week 13 picks.

  1. Al ⋅

    Packers, Giants, Ravens, Bears, Bucs
    Missed the last couple of weeks, but will make up ground.

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