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Packers-Vikings recap.

Well this one caused a bit more nail-biting and a few more curse words being yelled at the television than I thought. However at the end of the day the Packers came out with the win and move to 8-4 overall and 3-0 in the division. Let’s get to what I observed in yesterday’s game!


1. Morgan Burnett:

  • I have been waiting for Morgan to take that next step and become the leader in the secondary. Since Charles Woodson has been out with a broken collarbone this kid has stepped his game up to a whole new level. Burnett has 92 tackles and 2 sacks to go along with the 2 interceptions he posted yesterday against the Vikings. I am not willing to say he is an elite safety, but he is on his way to becoming a very good player. 

2. Running game:

  • I was impressed with the way Alex Green and James Starks ran yesterday. Both guys ran probably the hardest they had all season and fought for those extra yards. Green had 13 touches for a combined 70 yards while Starks had 82 overall yards on 18 touches. If these guys keep this up, the Packers will be a tough team to face the rest of the way. 

3. 3rd and 1:

  • While the Packers looked great running the ball yesterday, they are still not able to consistently pick up 3rd and 1’s. Remember the days with Ahman Green and Najeh Davenport where 3rd and 1 could have been converted in their sleep? I miss those days. Seeing John Kuhn get a draw in shotgun to me makes absolutely no sense. Put Kuhn in front of one of the backs and pound the ball. 

4. Injuries:

  • Two more players went down with injuries yesterday. Jordy Nelson tweaked a hamstring again and might not be ready for Sunday night vs. the Lions. Also T.J. Lang who has been forced to play right tackle also went down with an ankle injury. Undrafted rookie Don Barclay played solid in his first ever NFL action and got a nice confidence boost as a lot of runs went to his side. 

While it wasn’t the prettiest game in the world, it was a huge win for the Packers. Being 3-0 in the division at the moment gives the Packers a bit of breathing room but with three games left in the division they don’t have too much room for error.




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