Song of the week 12-19

Today’s song of the week comes from one of the more recent metal bands, Bullet For My Valentine. I became of fan of these guys towards the beginning of my college years when they released the song, “Four Words to Choke Upon”. Here is their newest song, “Riot


Brace yourselves!

Most Wisconsinites know when it starts to get a bit chilly in the air the snow is on the way. This winter a lot like last year has been very mild but tonight is supposed to bring on around a foot of snow. So I bring you this warning.

I have no idea who this kid is or why he is warning us but it gave me a good chuckle. I love his passion. Maybe he just wants to give everyone a good laugh because he knows when/if we get snowed in we will need something to entertain us. So check out the video below of this kid warning us of the approaching winter storm Draco.

Packers-Bears recap part 2.

As our promo for 1440 WNFL said today. What’s better than winning the division? Winning the division at Chicago! Congrats to the Packers on back to back division titles but the work is not over yet. Let’s get to what I liked and didn’t like from yesterday’s game.

1. Receiving corp. 

  • Randall Cobb continues to impress Packer nation. While he has a good amount of drops on the season his ability to create plays and pick up first downs made the injury of Greg Jennings less painful and just give the Packers another weapon to exploit. 
  • James Jones haters, please shut your mouths. The guy has 12 touchdowns this season and has made some of the most acrobatic catches in the NFL.
  • Even with reports the Packers might want to cut him, Jermichael Finley put together his fourth good game in the last five posting five catches for 61 yards. If Finley stays out of his own head, the Packers offense will be difficult to handle.

2. Defense:

  • Overall this defense put together one of the best performances of the season. 190 yards given up, 13 points and 12 first downs. Phenomenal performance put up by the guys on defense and a big reason was the return of Clay Matthews. Matthews had a pretty good game, putting up two sacks, 6 tackles with four coming for losses and more pressures on Cutler. A typical Matthews day against the Bears. 

Here are a few things I didn’t like.

1. Missed kicks:

  • Coach McCarthy is staying with Mason Crosby and at this point in the season I don’t think that is a bad idea. Crosby has been phenomenal from under 50 yards but with misses from 42 and 43 yesterday have me a bit concerned.

2. Fumbles:

  • I am happy Ryan Grant is back in a Packer uniform but his fumble came at a very inopportune time. Had the Pack put up a touchdown the game would have been put away. 
  • The second fumble came on a botched punt return gadget play when Randall Cobb’s backwards pass went through Jeremy Ross’ arms. But again the defense came up big and held the Bears to a field goal.

Green Bay’s Metal Elite ep. 9.

It’s one of the last episodes of the year so Zach, Irving and myself wanted to have our nominations show to honor those great musicians of the metal and rock world. We have a bit of news in the beginning and then get on to the good stuff. So check out our nominations and give us some feedback!

Week 15 NFL picks.

Another underwhelming week of picking games leaves me behind in the standings with only three weeks to catch up. I need a rebound week!

1. Green Bay at Chicago:

  • It’s been a war of words this week between these two teams and I am looking forward to a hard-nosed game on the field. The Pack are getting healthier at the right time while the Bears are without some big names.
  • Packers- 24-17

2. NY Giants at Atlanta:

  • Neither team has been a model of consistency the past month. Atlanta keeps finding ways to escape with wins while the Giants have put on stunning performances followed by a dud. Giants have a very vulnerable secondary and I see the big play being the difference in today’s game.
  • Falcons- 31-27

3. Denver at Baltimore:

  • Good-bye Cam Cameron. I think Ravens fans can now say hello to a healthy dose of Ray Rice throughout the rest of the season. Peyton Manning has been on a tear since a Monday night debacle in Atlanta early on in the season. I see Denver’s streak ending today courtesy of diddle diddle Ray Rice up the middle.
  • Ravens- 27-24.

4. Pittsburgh at Dallas:

  • Both teams are on the outside looking in at the playoffs in this desperation game today. Dez Bryant is playing with a broken hand and even though the Steelers lost last weekend, Ben Roethlisberger had a nice game.
  • Steelers- 26-21

5. Indianapolis at Houston:

  • Apparently the Texans don’t like playing on prime-time. This is a huge game today for the Texans who can put a strangle hold on the AFC South while a Colts win keeps the division within reach.
  • Texans- 31-27

6. San Francisco at New England:

  • This is going to be a phenomenal match-up. New England now has a legit running game to go along with Tom Brady’s passing. Colin Kaepernick will have the biggest game of his young NFL career in prime-time. The Patriots have the home-field advantage in another big game.
  • Patriots- 24-20

Just call it the “Tat rule”.

If you follow college football you know about the Ohio State Buckeyes bowl ban for the 2012 football season. As a Buckeye fan it is extremely disappointing especially after going 12-0. However it seems Ohio State is going to try and find a way to monitor what there athletes are doing financially. You can read the article here:

To be honest I am completely fine with this. If it keeps the university from another bowl ban and teaches the kids the value of money then it’s a win-win situation.

Song of the week 12-12

Happy Aaron Rodgers day to all the Packer fans around the world! Today’s song of the week is going to go old school. And in honor of their induction to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame let’s get some Rush going.

The song I am going to share is one I get to DJ, Overture/The Temples of Syrinx. I love the guitar work in this song. Check it out and let me know what you think! Congrats Rush!

Talk about a golden birthday.

Tomorrow is probably the last day most of us will be alive for to see the day, month and year all have the same number. (sorry for the downer to begin this post). For those of us in Wisconsin and Packer fans around the country it will mark Aaron Rodgers day where we salute number 12 for basically being an awesome quarterback and person.

However one kid in Birminham, Alabama will have the ultimate alliteration of numbers. Youngster Kiam Moriya will turn twelve years old tomorrow on 12-12-12 at 12:12. I’ll let that sink in for a second. While tomorrow is just another normal day for most of us it is pretty cool to read stories like this now and then.


Can you imagine his 21st birthday if there was a 21st month and he used military time? 

Green Bay’s Metal Elite Ep. 8.

Zach, Irv and myself are back with another episode of Green Bay’s Metal Elite. We have a bunch of news, info on new songs and some good music to listen to for those of you going through finals.

We also discuss our own metal awards show which will have the nominations next week. So be sure to keep tuning in and check out this past weeks episode!

The Fail Leap.

Everyone knows about “The Fail Mary” this year, but now we can add The Fail Leap” to the list of bone-headed plays this football season. Check out what happened to Buffalo Bills tight end Lee Smith after he scored a touchdown this past Sunday.–nfl.html