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Divisional round playoff picks.

I am looking for another strong week of picking playoff games after going 4-0 in last week’s Wild Card round. Games kick-off soon so let’s get to it!

1. Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos:

  • Baltimore won easily last week even with their best player (Ray Rice) losing two fumbles but they cannot afford to have that happen today against the Broncos. Joe Flacco hit some huge passes last week and will need to do that again today to keep up with the Peyton Manning led offense. The Broncos have had plenty of time to rest and Knowshon Moreno has decided he wants to prove he can play which makes the Bronco’s extremely balanced. Baltimore will make it difficult but Manning proves to be too much. 
  • Broncos- 30-24

2. Green Bay at San Francisco:

  • This will be a much better contest than what fans witnessed in week 1. The 49ers are a more dynamic team with Colin Kaepernick at quarterback and the Packers have been making teams respect the rushing game for the last month and a half. This should be one of the closest games this weekend and the Packers offensive line will be the key. Unfortunately I don’t think they provide Rodgers with enough time to make plays. 
  • 49ers- 27-24.

3. Seattle at Atlanta:

  • The early game tomorrow is a battle of the birds and the Falcons will be looking for someone to give them respect. Matt Ryan will have to earn his first playoff win tomorrow  by playing against the best scoring defense in the NFL. Michael Turner is the X-factor in this game. He needs to run hard and be a threat to make the safeties cheat up. Seattle is one of the hottest teams at the right time and needs to be physical with the Falcons play-makers. Matty Ice gets the monkey off his back. 
  • Falcons- 26-20

4. Houston at New England:

  • No team shot themselves more in the foot than the Houston Texans at the end of the season. If they want to avoid embarrassment on national television again, Matt Schaub needs to be sharp and they need to control the clock. New England has back Rob Gronkowski for this game and the Patriots have a legit running game to use as well. Houston’s defense has taken too many hits this year to pull off the upset. 
  • Patriots- 31-23

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