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Packers-49ers recap part 2.

As our sports reporter/director stated today: The read option was like Braille to the Green Bay Packers defense. Let’s get to what happened this past week. I will be doing an overall season recap of the Packers later on this season. 

1. Read option:

  • As many people have stated the last few days, the Packers got beat by college plays. Not seeing any adjustments to try and contain Colin Kaepernick was extremely frustrating to watch. The Packers need a guy like Desmond Bishop back next year to bring an attitude and nastiness they lacked in this game. Also the return and progression of rookie Nick Perry will be key. 

2. Turnovers:

  • Yes the Packers had the pick six to start the game, but the two turnovers the Pack committed lead to 14 San Francisco points. I am still baffled Jeremy Ross was on the field returning punts. Randall Cobb did it in the Wild Card round and with the receiving corp back together I thought the Packers would be more inclined to put him back there. Ross is too inexperienced to be returning punts in such a big game. Also the interception by Rodgers was unfortunate not only because of the turnover but the protection around him was phenomenal on that play. Just a bad read and and the quarterback and receiver not being on the same page. 

3. Decisions:

  • When Mike McCarthy had little faith in kicker Mason Crosby he went for it on a multitude of fourth downs. With the Pack down 14 with 11:30 to go and his decision to punt  the ball was something I found completely baffling. The offense wasn’t spectacular Saturday night but down 14 and in 49ers territory, I want the ball in Rodgers’ hands. I mentioned it earlier, but the defense didn’t adjust and kept getting torched on third downs, many of which had 8+ yards to go. 

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