Song of the week 2-20

Your song of the week will be coming from a band who I really hope will get back to making music in the near future. This week’s song is “Sugarcoat” by Breaking Benjamin. I had never actually heard this song until the last year or so and it has quickly become one of my favorite tunes from them.

If you did not know, lead singer Benjamin Burnley fired two members of the band 
(Mark Klepasky, Aaron Fink?) back in 2011 for remixing the hit “Blow me Away” without his permission. I can’t find much recent info on them so hopefully we will get some new BB soon. Until then, just enjoy this song off their first album!



Device is a band I have been waiting to hear anything from for over the last half year. David Draiman’s side project doesn’t disappoint as “Vilifiy” is a completely badass song. What you can expect from this song is powerful vocals from Draiman and more of an industrial metal sound. Take a listen and enjoy!

New GBME episode.

We now have a green screen for Green Bay’s Metal Elite to add some flare to the show. This week we have our usual news section, upcoming shows and discuss our favorite albums we listened to in high school. What are some of your favorite albums from when you were in high school?

Song of the week 2-15

Today’s song of the week is by far going to be the most interesting and random song I have shared so far. The band is called 12 Foot Ninja and the song is called, “Coming for you“. Now what makes this song so interesting is the mix of hard rock, metal and Spanish dance music. Just take a listen and let me know what you think. Their music is really growing on me.

Also here is their other well known song called, “Mother Sky“. 

Any tacklers?

OK, I will admit I have seen a few other people post about this ginormous 350 pound running back. Unfortunately none of the videos have worked, or have been removed. David Fangupo, who at 6’2, 350 pounds makes Brandon Jacobs look like a munchkin. I found a video of some of his runs on youtube.

At the moment he cannot sign with his home-state college of Hawaii but when he does make sure you remember his name. I feel like there is a good chance he will show up on Sportscenter and College Gameday at the end of the summer.

She is tasting the rainbow.

I am having an extremely difficult time trying to think of what to say about this commercial. So let me just tell you the basic info. It is a banned commercial for Skittles and features a recently married couple doing the deed.

I will admit at first I thought it was a commercial that made us all think dirty thoughts and turned out to be innocent so we would all feel like perverts. However what you see in this commercial is what you get.

Warning! If you do not like inappropriate humor (shame on you!), don’t watch because if you leave a comment that you are offended you won’t hear back from me.

So if you are in need of a good laugh like I was today, just enjoy!

Messing with the media.

As a young man working in the world of media I see how many of my colleagues present themselves when it comes to an athlete or musician being at our studio. I also get the chance to listen to press conferences and hear some of the insane questions that get asked to members of the Green Bay Packers. Yes, some of these questions shock those who have worked in this market for over 30 years. 

It’s people who ask Aaron Rodgers questions about his possible engagement over this past year’s bye week that I love to see get messed with. So when George Karl admitted the other day to starting trade rumors to create I got a nice chuckle. You can read the whole article right here:–nba.html

Karl did have a chance to work a bit in the media so he understands how journalists, reporters and others will jump on the slightest piece of information heard by a player’s agent’s sister’s cousin’s brother. I give Karl props for coming out and admitting this which is something I am sure has happened before. I also give him props for having a sense of humor and messing with the heads of many who have been in the wild world of media a lot longer than I have. 

Why rock is better.

If you have read my blog, you know my love and passion for rock music. If this is your first time checking out the blog welcome. One of my favorite bands, Nonpoint recently gave a 12 year old fan the chance of a lifetime to join the them on stage. The kid got to play drums on his favorite song. The kid does a hell of a job and shows Nonpoint is composed of some pretty cool dudes.

Song of the week 2-8.

Today’s song of the week is a brand new song from one of my favorite bands, Stone Sour. The song is called, “Do Me a Favor” and will be the lead single off their upcoming album, House of Gold and Bones pt. 2. The song kicks ass and fits the concept theme Stone Sour had on their first album.

If you like the first album you will love this song and will want to pick up part 2 on April 9th. I will be picking it up the day it comes out.

Not in my house.

Dikembe Mutombo was one of my favorite athletes growing up because of his swat ability and he just seemed like one of the few athletes a young kid could actually admire. I am not sure what Mutombo has been up to lately, although he does do a lot of philanthropy work but it is nice to see him in the public eye with this new commercial for Geico.

Geico has had some of my favorite commercials for years but this one might be my new favorite. Enjoy!