Check out this interview.

As many of you are aware who read this blog, I am Italian. If you did not know this, now you know, and knowing is half the battle. I am very into my heritage and because of this Lacuna Coil who are a hard rock/gothic metal band from Italy are one of my favorite acts to follow. I recently saw them in Milwaukee and got their attention by waving my Italian flag around. They seem like a great group of people who were really involved with the crowd. 

So to get to why I am doing this post, check out this interview with one of their lead singers, Christina Scabbia, who is one of the most gorgeous females on the planet.

And here is a picture of me hanging over the guardrail at their show back in early April. 



An unexpected guest.

If you need a laugh to end this weekend or just watch something interesting, check out this video of an otter jumping in a jeep and snooping around. My brother is a zookeeper at the Akron zoo and can tell you, otters are one of the most entertaining animals out there. So this video will be worth the time.


Interview with Evoked.

Happy Sunday everyone. Here is an interview I did with my buddies Zach and Irv from our GB Metal Elite youtube podcast. We interviewed a local band called, Evoked. We got to see these guys a few months back and they have a killer sound. These guys have a ton of talent, so be sure to check out our interview here and like them on facebook. Oh yea, get out to one of their shows!


Packer hopefuls

It is finally the day of the NFL Draft and more rumors are going to be spread than even Nosey Nelly has time for. Here are five players I am keeping an eye on tonight which should or I hope will be on the board when the Packers draft. There are several positions the Packers could go in tonight and I would be happy. 

Also for a complete mock draft, check out my buddy Josh Brewer’s blog:

1. Eric Reid, S, LSU- Reid is the number one priority on my board for the fact the Packers have been lacking a dominant presence at safety since the retirement of Nick Collins. Reid has good size at just under 6’2 and is athletic enough to cover the hybrid tight ends in the NFL. There are some safety needy teams ahead of the Packers but if he is there at 26 how do you say no?

2. Datone Jones- DE, UCLA- The Packers are one of the few 3-4 teams in the NFL who don’t have a tall, long-armed defensive end to plug in. It’s about time that changes especially with the type of quarterbacks the Pack will be seeing this year. They still haven’t found a suitable replacement for Cullen Jenkins. 

3. Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame- I honestly don’t think it matters what Jermichael Finley does this season, he will be gone. He will either have a season which proves the Pack shouldn’t dish out more money on him or he will explode and get paid a ton of money elsewhere. Tight end isn’t the most pressing need on this team, but I am not really thrilled with any of the guys behind Finley as a future starter. 

4. Johnathan Hankins, DT, OSU. The contracts of Clay Matthews and eventually Aaron Rodgers might take up too much room to bring back B.J. Raji. I watched Hankins play at OSU and is the type of big body in the middle this defense could use. Hankins was once projected to be a top 10 pick but apparently is sliding down draft boards.

5. Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama- I don’t put a whole lot of stock into Lacy’s pro day for the fact he only had a few weeks to prepare coming off a hamstring injury. Lacy absolutely shredded one of the top defenses this year against Notre Dame in the National Championship game and would do wonders for the Packers offense. Like tight end, a running back isn’t the top priority on the team but it could do wonders. 


Song of the week 4-21

I need to thank the listeners of 93rock for today’s song of the week. Yesterday I asked our listeners what their favorite collaboration was. i got some pretty interesting answers and was thrilled when a few posted, “Bring the Noise” by Public Enemy and Anthrax. 

I hadn’t listened to this song in quite some time and once I heard the song it brought back memories of playing Tony Hawk’s pro skater 2 on N64 (the song was used in the game). So today I share this phenomenal collaboration!

A great recap.

A majority of us out there love Star Wars from the nerdiest of people to the jocks and rockers of the world. However we all know that person who hasn’t decided to watch them for whatever reason. Here is a great one minute video recapping “Episode lV, A New Hope:. Play this video for said person and maybe they will want to watch the whole movie.

Ozzy, back at it again!

For the first time since 1979 Black Sabbath has recorded new music with Ozzy Osbourne and I am happy to share their first single, “God is Dead“. Even with all he has been through, Ozzy’s voice sounds great and soothing in this song. The song has a lot of build-up so stick with it if you aren’t feeling it right away. And one of the nicest things, it sounds like Black Sabbath.