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Packer hopefuls

It is finally the day of the NFL Draft and more rumors are going to be spread than even Nosey Nelly has time for. Here are five players I am keeping an eye on tonight which should or I hope will be on the board when the Packers draft. There are several positions the Packers could go in tonight and I would be happy. 

Also for a complete mock draft, check out my buddy Josh Brewer’s blog:

1. Eric Reid, S, LSU- Reid is the number one priority on my board for the fact the Packers have been lacking a dominant presence at safety since the retirement of Nick Collins. Reid has good size at just under 6’2 and is athletic enough to cover the hybrid tight ends in the NFL. There are some safety needy teams ahead of the Packers but if he is there at 26 how do you say no?

2. Datone Jones- DE, UCLA- The Packers are one of the few 3-4 teams in the NFL who don’t have a tall, long-armed defensive end to plug in. It’s about time that changes especially with the type of quarterbacks the Pack will be seeing this year. They still haven’t found a suitable replacement for Cullen Jenkins. 

3. Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame- I honestly don’t think it matters what Jermichael Finley does this season, he will be gone. He will either have a season which proves the Pack shouldn’t dish out more money on him or he will explode and get paid a ton of money elsewhere. Tight end isn’t the most pressing need on this team, but I am not really thrilled with any of the guys behind Finley as a future starter. 

4. Johnathan Hankins, DT, OSU. The contracts of Clay Matthews and eventually Aaron Rodgers might take up too much room to bring back B.J. Raji. I watched Hankins play at OSU and is the type of big body in the middle this defense could use. Hankins was once projected to be a top 10 pick but apparently is sliding down draft boards.

5. Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama- I don’t put a whole lot of stock into Lacy’s pro day for the fact he only had a few weeks to prepare coming off a hamstring injury. Lacy absolutely shredded one of the top defenses this year against Notre Dame in the National Championship game and would do wonders for the Packers offense. Like tight end, a running back isn’t the top priority on the team but it could do wonders. 



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