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Five Finger Death Punch (5fdp) seriously don’t understand what a break is. If you haven’t heard, the guys are releasing two studio albums in the next 5-6 months with the first CD coming out July 23rd. To tide us over until then Death Punch has released a clip of one of the songs, “Here to Die”, debuted a new single with Rob Halford (Lift Me Up) and have released the album artwork and a new song snippet called, “Dot Your Eyes“.

While it might not be the most metal sounding song in the world, take a listen and you might think you are listening to The Way of the Fist. The clip is only about 36 seconds but Ivan brings a ton of anger and power with his voice and the music is sure to get the adrenaline flowing.


6 responses to “Five Finger Death Punch (5fdp) seriously don’t understand

  1. atlyons

    I really hope that these new albums sound like their older stuff. I really liked War is the Answer and Way of the Fist, but I really didn’t care much for American Capitalist. I love seeing these guys live and I love their energy, but buying a record and buying a concert ticket are two hugely different things. The former weighs in a lot on the latter. Glad they’re getting attention though!

    • tozzi7

      Thank you for your input. War is the Answer is my favorite album by them. From everything I have listened to from this upcoming album it sounds heavy and I am a big fan of their new single with Rob Halford. I am going to see them for the first time this summer down in Illinois for the Mayhem Fest for the first time and have heard good things about their live shows.

      • atlyons

        They are amazing live. I saw them for the first time at Mayhem 2009 in St. Louis. They had just returned from a USO Tour through Afghanistan. It was killer.

  2. tozzi7

    I can’t wait to see them. 5 finger and Rob Zombie have been on my concert bucket list for quite a while so it’s worth the drive to Illinois. Green Bay is an awful place for rock shows.

    • atlyons

      Green Bay is an awful place for everything! I’m from Chicago originally haha. Zombie is the best though. Hands down best live show, based on production and music. Both touring this summer though, on Mayhem right?

      • tozzi7

        haha oh man Bears country! I grew up in Ohio but been a Packers fan since I was a kid so had to move up here. I have heard Zombie’s live shows are experience. Both are on Mayhem so that’s when I will be seeing them in Illinois.

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