Packer last preseason game.

Here are a few things I want to see tonight from the most meaningless but still enough to keep my interest game of the preseason.  Here we go!

1. How much of the playbook does Vince Young know? Will he play a couple quarters tonight or will the the Pack give B.J. Coleman enough snaps to still make us believe this is still an open competition for the back up QB job.

2. 5th wide receiver job- Tyrone Walker and Myles White have shown flashes of why they belong on this roster. Jeremy Ross should have locked this up ago with his special teams ability but he has had an up and down camp. 7th round pick Charles Johnson will need to explode tonight to not end up the practice squad.

3. Johnny Jolly- I think he makes this team, but another game to prove he belongs doesn’t hurt. Plus he should play a lot to make sure he is in game shape.

4. Mason Crosby- Now that he won the kicking competition will he miss a make-able field goal tonight?!


Song of the week 8-21

Today’s song of the week comes from a pretty young rock band from England. The band is Young Guns and the song I am sharing is their latest single, “Towers“. It is definitely one of the least heavy songs I have shared but these guys are pretty darn good. 

Take a listen and let me know what you think.

This is better than Never Never.

Korn released a song snippet today of “Love and Meth” which will be on their upcoming 11th album, “The Paradigm Shift.” I must say this is more of what I was expecting. It is heavier, has that great Korn sound and Jonathan Davis has some great, powerful emotion in his voice. Take a listen below and enjoy this one!

Packers preseason week 2 recap.

Time to squeeze in some writing while I have internet!

Here is what I liked from Saturday night. 

1. Eddie Lacy- I realize it was only 9 touches, but Lacy gained 51 yards. It’s nice to see a Packers running back break arm tackles. If he stays healthy, the Pack will have their best balance since about 2009. 

2. Jermichael Finley- The fin! I decided to do some finning for J-Mike since he appears to not be celebrating. That was the best Finley has looked since the end of 2009, early 2010 before suffering a knee injury. Along with Lacy, if Finley proves to be the playmaker he can be, the Packers offense will be without a doubt, in the top three of the NFL.

3. Johnny Jolly- I think the man who loved the purple drank earned himself a roster spot on Saturday night. The Packers could keep seven defensive linemen this year and Jolly has proved he can still play. He just needs to get his endurance up. 

Here are a few things I did not like. 

1. Fumbles- James Starks didn’t see the field until the second half and got lucky when he fumbled and the Rams player was out of bounds. Also the muffed punt was an eyesore.

2. Return game- Micah Hyde looked pretty good returning punts, but I still haven’t seen anyone step up and prove Randall Cobb should be taken off of return duty. 

Packers preseason game 2.

It’s nice to have football back, but with not having internet and cable installed yet I have not been able to write as much as I have wanted about the upcoming season. That will change in a few weeks. Luckily the apartment complex I am in has a place with free internet and I always have the radio station. Today I am going to focus on some things I am looking for in tonight’s Packers preseason game against the St. Louis Rams. Notice things I am looking for and not keys to a victory because, well it is the preseason.

1. Eddie Lacy- Lacy missed some practices and the first preseason game with a pulled hamstring. The Packers running game looked pretty similar to what it was last year with a lot of three yard runs. Lacy was brought in to be the guy to break tackles and I am looking forward to seeing some power running tonight.

2. Back up QB- Will Vince Young be able to learn enough in a month or so to be able to pass Graham Harrell and B.J. Coleman for the back up job? Young isn’t a guy who has had the greatest career but he does have a lot more game experience than the other guys. Harrell and Coleman need to show the improvement I have read so much about from the coaches tonight or the Packers might have one of the worst backup QB situations in the NFL.

3. 4 and 5 receiver spots- Tyrone Walker showed natural route running ability last week and good hands. Jarrett Boykin has had a good camp but fellow second year man Jeremy Ross needs to prove he can be consistent. 7th round pick Kevin Dorsey has finally started practicing while fellow 7th round pick Charles Johnson hasn’t done a thing in training camp because of injury. I think Boykin makes this team but that last spot is up for grabs.

4. Special teams- Hopefully the Packers are in a position tonight to put up some points. Mason Crosby and Giorgio Tavecchio will be battling it out for the kicking role this year while someone needs to step up and prove they can return punts and kicks so Randall Cobb can focus on playing receiver. This could be where Jeremy Ross separates himself from the rest of the receivers or goes down in flames. Rookie running back Johnathan Franklin has tried returning punts but has muffed way too many in practice for me to be comfortable with him back there.

My Curse.

It’s time for your song of the week on this cloudy and cool day in Green Bay, WI. I felt the need to metal things up a bit today so let your ears explode to some Killswitch Engage. The song is “My Curse” and has the powerful vocals of Howard who I miss dearly from the band. Crank this shit up for your Saturday and have a blast with whatever you decide to do tonight, Just keep it metal!

Kinda disappointed with this.

I thought the dubstep was put behind them. I guess we will have to deal with it for one more Korn song. The guys are streaming their new single, “Never Never” on their Facebook page and I have to admit it is very underwhelming. 

After reading plenty of articles about this will be their best CD musically and will be a combo of Issues and Untouchables, that is enough to make any Korn fan happier than a camel on hump day (I love that commercial). However since I am a die hard Korn fan I will obviously give the CD a chance when it comes out October 8th. 

OK Korn fans, here is the song, let me know what you think.

This link will direct you to their Facebook page to hear the song.

New Alter Bridge.

Alter Bridge released their first song from their upcoming album, “Fortress” which will be out October 8th. The song is called, “Addicted to Pain” and as usual Myles Kennedy does not disappoint on the vocals. The man could literally make two homeless people fighting over a Christmas ham stop their feud for five minutes to take in what they just heard.

The song does not disappoint as well with some heavy guitar work and a nice solo by Mark Tremonti. Look for this one to hit radio’s soon.

Football on your phone.

The NFL season is underway and while I cannot wait to watch games, there will also be plenty of phenomenal commercials hitting the airwaves. The new one for DirecTV featuring Eli and Peyton Manning might make you wet your pants. 

While I could care less how either one does on the field (unless they are on my fantasy team) I do love the commercials these guys do. So enjoy, “Football on Your Phone”.

Song of the week 8-3.

Let me apologize for my lack of posts on the site lately. Working three jobs and moving have gotten the best of me these last few weeks. I need to do an update on my concert experiences here soon when my internet gets set up. (dj’ing right now at work). So to keep you all tided over here is my song of the week. 

It is off Five Finger Death Punch’s new CD (GET IT!) “The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell”. It is a cover of LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out“. Now I am not the biggest rap fan in the world, this song is intense and it’s interesting to hear Ivan Moody do some rapping. Plus this song has Tech N9ne who loves rock and metal. Enjoy!