Week four picks.

Week three was completely rough with a 1-4 record. I have fallen a few games behind Josh.

1. Chicago at Detroit

  • The Bears have shocked a lot of people with their 3-0 start and the Lions are looking like the team of two years ago. This game features the two quarterback’s who have been sacked the least this year. Three times for Cutler, twice for Stafford. This game will come down to what quarterback makes the least mistakes.
  • Detroit- 27-23

2. Baltimore at Buffalo

  • Baltimore got a nice confidence boost last week dismantling the Houston Texans. Ray Rice could be back this week which will make a huge boost a Raven’s offense that needs to get going. For the Bills EJ Manuel has played pretty well for his rookie season. If they can get C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson going they have a chance at an upset.
  • Ravens- 24-17

3. Seattle at Houston

  • Seattle is riding high with a 3-0 record and Houston is trying to come off a debacle of a game last week against Baltimore. I am trying to figure out who the Texans really are. Do you know you have Arian Foster? Will Matt Schaub take that next step. Meanwhile Seattle’s defense has been beyond stingy and Russell Wilson has avoided a sophomore slump. 
  • Seahawks- 23-16

4. New England at Atlanta

  • If you have watched this two teams play without final scores showing up, you would think the Patriots are 1-2 while the Falcons are 3-0. However this is the NFL and things never work out how we think. The Falcons are missing Steven Jackson for that power running game while Tom Brady he is wondering how much longer he can live without Gronk and Danny Amendola. Matt Ryan makes a statement Sunday night.
  • Falcons- 31-24

5. Miam at New Orleans

  • The team that decided to go with Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees will get to find out on the big stage how much of a mistake they made. Ryan Tannehill has played well this season but the Dolphins need to get a running game going. Speaking of that the Saints do too. However Brees > Tannehill.
  • Saints- 34-24



Sharing my work blog.

So I have been doing a lot of writing for my freelance job and some through my job at the radio station. I feel bad because it has been awhile since I have been on here. So I am going to share a lazy blog and post the link to my work one where I did a blog for fun and the hypothetical question. Do you want Tebow or Favre right now?



Week 3 picks.

1. Green Bay at Cincinnati:

The Packers are coming off one of their most impressive offensive performances in my lifetime. Having two 100 yard receivers, a 400 yard pass and a 100 yard rusher is an amazing accomplishment. While the Pack won’t do that again this week, their offense should still put up around 400 total yards. The Bengals might have found a gem in 2nd rounder Giovani Bernard who had both of Cinci’s touchdowns on Monday. AJ Green is also a freak and can catch anything thrown to or by him. Pack’s offense proves to be too much though. 

Packers- 31-23

2. St. Louis at Dallas:

The battle of two teams who could either really impress you or make  you go, “huh I guess I am not surprised by another mediocre game from these guys”. Even though he didn’t do a whole lot yards wise last week, Rams rookie receiver Tavon Austin recorded the first two touchdowns of his career. Sam Bradford has weapons but this offense needs a running game. The defensive line is packed full of first rounders who know how to play. The Cowboys need consistent performances from DeMarco Murray who had a paltry 25 yards on 12 rushes. Romo needs to take care of the ball and keep hitting the freak Dez Bryant. Cowboys pull it out at home. 

Cowboys- 24-20

3. Houston at Baltimore: 

This is a great week three match-up between two teams looking to make deep playoff runs again this year in the AFC. The Texans have finally found a number two receiver in DeAndre Hopkins who made some phenomenal catches last week. Andre Johnson looks good to go this week after suffering a concussion and Arian Foster looked more comfortable last week. The Ravens offense has looked kind of anemic without Anquon Boldin and no Dennis Pitta. They might have found a gem in Marlon Brown but they need another weapon on offense to step up until Jacoby Jones gets back. Questions lingering how healthy Ray Rice will be for tomorrow will make my decision easier to pick the Texans.

Texans- 24-17

4. Atlanta at Miami:

To be honest I am not sure if Josh and I picked one game in our fab five where we chose a game Miami played in. The 2-0 Dolphins are the early surprise of the season. The Falcons will be missing Steven Jackson for a few weeks but still  have phenomenal weapons in Julio Jones, Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez. I think the bigger loss will be on defense with the loss of Sean Weatherspoon. The Dolphins got Mike Wallace involved last week and his production was a big reason they pulled off the upset over the Colts. I think Atlanta is just the superior team in this game but the Dolphins will make it a game.

Falcons- 31-27

5. Indianapolis at San Francisco- The Colts are coming off a disappointing loss against the Dolphins while the 49ers got their asses kicked against Seattle. The Colts made a huge move in getting running back Trent Richardson from the Browns for a first round pick. Running back is something they desperately needed. While he might not have a big impact in this game he will for the rest of the year. The 49ers are looking to rebound and against a Colts defense it looks like a good week for Kaep and the crew to get the offense grooving. 49ers take this one.

49ers- 27-20


Week 2 picks.

After a rough week one of picks, Josh and myself will be looking to rebound in week 2. Here are our five picks of the week. 


1. Washington at Green Bay- Did RG3 shake off enough rust to put it together this week against the Packers? Also Alfred Morris needs to look better this week than he did last week. For the Packers, can the secondary stop anyone? If Morgan Burnett is back I will feel a lot better. However I think Rodgers has a huge game and it won’t matter.

Packers- 31-24

2. Dallas at Kansas City- I am very intrigued by this match up. Dallas even after getting six takeaways from the Giants didn’t put the game away early. Their offense looks potent and if DeMarco Murray stays healthy, watch out. Kansas City now has a decent QB in Alex Smith and a coach in Andy Reid, but the team needs to take some shots now and then to really open this offense for Jamaal Charles. Dallas’ offense proves to be too much.

Cowboys- 27-20

3. Cleveland at Baltimore- The Ravens have had a week and a half to recover from Peyton Manning’s seven touchdowns. They have to be excited from going from one spectrum to the other with playing Brandon Weeden this week. The Browns played tough last year but do they have enough weapons to pull off an upset. For the Browns to win they will need a heavy dose of Trent Richardson. However the Browns will probably abandon that plan and lose.

Ravens- 31-20

4. Denver at NY Giants- Ahhh the Manning bowl. The one game every four years that gets a ton of hype. Both Mannings threw for a combined 11 touchdowns and around 900 yards. Denver’s defense looked better than what people thought without Von Miller which I think gives them a big advantage in this game. The Giants have issues at running back and their corners are giving each other concussions. High scoring game but the Broncos get to 2-0.

Broncos- 34-27

5. San Francisco at Seattle- The 49ers can’t stop talking about the Packers and calling Seattle the Shehawks. Seattle does plenty of smack talking themselves. Both defenses know how to hit and dish out the pain. After one week Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson didn’t show signs of a sophomore slump. However I was more impressed with the 49ers 34 points over the Pack than Seattle’s 12 points over a Panther’s team that isn’t that good. 

49ers- 20-16

This looks incredible.

I don’t normally buy deluxe CD sets, but when I do it might have to be Korn’s upcoming deluxe CD for “The Paradigm Shift”. While I haven’t enjoyed their new single, “Never Never”, they have released a snippet of another song called, “Love and Meth” which sounded extremely promising. The biggest reason other than the fact “Head” is back with the band to buy this album is the documentary called, “Reconciliation” that will be part of the deluxe set. It is about the return of “Head” getting back into to the band. Here is the article from Blabbermouth and a 4 minute trailer. It looks amazing. 


Packers keys to a win.

Week 1 for the Packers is only a few minutes away. The Pack’s last two seasons have ended with a very bad taste every Packers fan’s mouth. While I don’t know if the Pack pulls off the win today here are my keys to make that happen.

1. Contain the read option: We have heard all summer how the Packers went and studied the read option. Today we find out if not only they can contain Kaepernick but also keep Frank Gore from running over them as well. Kaepernick needs to get hit within reason and show him he better think twice about going outside.

2. Eddie Lacey: The Packers run game has been anemic for the past three years. Lacey is the workhorse the Pack have desperately needed and the best way to handle a physical defense is to have a dose of physicality yourself. Lacey doesn’t need to run for 100 yards but he needs to be enough of a threat so the 49ers can’t keep two high safeties. 

3. Offensive line- The Packers are going with a rookie at LT David Bakhtiari and an undrafted free agent in Don Barclay. Rodgers needs to be protected. The Smith boys and Ahmad Brooks will have a ton of pressure applied to these guys. If they need help, give it to them.


Weel 1 NFL picks

Picks are back this year and I forgot to get them posted on here! Just like last year I will be competing against my good buddy Josh Brewer. If you would like to join in let me know!

1. Denver over Baltimore.

2. Bengals over Bears.

3. 49ers over Packers.

4. Falcons over Saints.

5. Washington over Philly.

Special song of the week for 9-6

Since I am finally getting to see Nonpoint today I feel it is appropriate to share a song by them. I apparently have been a horrible fan of the band up until about 5 minutes ago and didn’t realize they covered my favorite Pantera song of all time, 5 Minutes Alone. See what I did there with the five minutes? If not I am lame. Anyway enjoy this bone crushing, in your face cover!