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Week 2 picks.

After a rough week one of picks, Josh and myself will be looking to rebound in week 2. Here are our five picks of the week. 


1. Washington at Green Bay- Did RG3 shake off enough rust to put it together this week against the Packers? Also Alfred Morris needs to look better this week than he did last week. For the Packers, can the secondary stop anyone? If Morgan Burnett is back I will feel a lot better. However I think Rodgers has a huge game and it won’t matter.

Packers- 31-24

2. Dallas at Kansas City- I am very intrigued by this match up. Dallas even after getting six takeaways from the Giants didn’t put the game away early. Their offense looks potent and if DeMarco Murray stays healthy, watch out. Kansas City now has a decent QB in Alex Smith and a coach in Andy Reid, but the team needs to take some shots now and then to really open this offense for Jamaal Charles. Dallas’ offense proves to be too much.

Cowboys- 27-20

3. Cleveland at Baltimore- The Ravens have had a week and a half to recover from Peyton Manning’s seven touchdowns. They have to be excited from going from one spectrum to the other with playing Brandon Weeden this week. The Browns played tough last year but do they have enough weapons to pull off an upset. For the Browns to win they will need a heavy dose of Trent Richardson. However the Browns will probably abandon that plan and lose.

Ravens- 31-20

4. Denver at NY Giants- Ahhh the Manning bowl. The one game every four years that gets a ton of hype. Both Mannings threw for a combined 11 touchdowns and around 900 yards. Denver’s defense looked better than what people thought without Von Miller which I think gives them a big advantage in this game. The Giants have issues at running back and their corners are giving each other concussions. High scoring game but the Broncos get to 2-0.

Broncos- 34-27

5. San Francisco at Seattle- The 49ers can’t stop talking about the Packers and calling Seattle the Shehawks. Seattle does plenty of smack talking themselves. Both defenses know how to hit and dish out the pain. After one week Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson didn’t show signs of a sophomore slump. However I was more impressed with the 49ers 34 points over the Pack than Seattle’s 12 points over a Panther’s team that isn’t that good. 

49ers- 20-16


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