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Week four picks.

Week three was completely rough with a 1-4 record. I have fallen a few games behind Josh.

1. Chicago at Detroit

  • The Bears have shocked a lot of people with their 3-0 start and the Lions are looking like the team of two years ago. This game features the two quarterback’s who have been sacked the least this year. Three times for Cutler, twice for Stafford. This game will come down to what quarterback makes the least mistakes.
  • Detroit- 27-23

2. Baltimore at Buffalo

  • Baltimore got a nice confidence boost last week dismantling the Houston Texans. Ray Rice could be back this week which will make a huge boost a Raven’s offense that needs to get going. For the Bills EJ Manuel has played pretty well for his rookie season. If they can get C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson going they have a chance at an upset.
  • Ravens- 24-17

3. Seattle at Houston

  • Seattle is riding high with a 3-0 record and Houston is trying to come off a debacle of a game last week against Baltimore. I am trying to figure out who the Texans really are. Do you know you have Arian Foster? Will Matt Schaub take that next step. Meanwhile Seattle’s defense has been beyond stingy and Russell Wilson has avoided a sophomore slump. 
  • Seahawks- 23-16

4. New England at Atlanta

  • If you have watched this two teams play without final scores showing up, you would think the Patriots are 1-2 while the Falcons are 3-0. However this is the NFL and things never work out how we think. The Falcons are missing Steven Jackson for that power running game while Tom Brady he is wondering how much longer he can live without Gronk and Danny Amendola. Matt Ryan makes a statement Sunday night.
  • Falcons- 31-24

5. Miam at New Orleans

  • The team that decided to go with Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees will get to find out on the big stage how much of a mistake they made. Ryan Tannehill has played well this season but the Dolphins need to get a running game going. Speaking of that the Saints do too. However Brees > Tannehill.
  • Saints- 34-24



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