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Week 6 picks.

1. Packers at Baltimore

  • The battle of favorite teams between Josh Brewer and myself. Despite Joe Flacco having a rough start the Ravens are 3-2. Ray Rice and Torrey Smith are the weapons the Packers need to focus on in this game. Aaron Rodgers needs to get rid of the ball quickly to avoid the rush by T-Sizzle and Elvis Dumervil. Both teams rank in the top 6 in rush defense so this game will end up coming down to a QB showdown. Rodgers will make a few more plays to pull off the victory.
  • Packers 27-24

2. Detroit at Cleveland

  • Calvin Johnson is still iffy at the moment and the Browns have officially put QB Brian Hoyer on IR. Last week Matt Stafford didn’t look comfortable without Megatron and it allowed the Packers to focus on Reggie Bush. If Johnson is out the Browns need to key in on Bush. Cleveland also has to keep taking shots down the field to Josh Gordon and Greg Little. I’m going on a limb and saying Megatron plays just enough to make some key plays. 
  • Lions 23-17

3. St. Louis at Houston

  • The Rams have looked great at times this season and very average other weeks. They need some type of running game to help take pressure off Sam Bradford who is quietly having a very nice season. Houston needs a W in the worst way. They lose Owen Daniels for the next few months and Matt Schaub can’t take care of the football. It’s Arian Foster time this week.
  • Texans 27-20

4. New Orleans at New England

  • This would have been an epic match-up of tight ends, but Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will sit out another game. New Orleans could be the best overall team in the NFL with a much improved defense and Drew Brees slinging the ball all around the field. New England’s offense is stuck in the mud but the defense has played very well this season. The Patriots need Gronk back in the worst way.
  • Saints 31-24

5. Indianapolis at San Diego

  • Andrew Luck is quickly becoming the most clutch QB in the league. The Chargers still can’t hold onto a lead and have fallen to 2-3. Philip Rivers is having a bounce back year but they still have very little production from the run game. The Colts have some nice young weapons in T.Y. Hilton and Coby Fleener but they need Trent Richardson to get going with the loss of Ahmad Bradshaw for the rest of the year.
  • Colts- 28-20

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