Week 17 picks

Believe it or not we are in the last week of the NFL season. The competition between my buddy Josh and I is very close so we’ll see who can bring home the all important and well deserved bragging rights of the 2013 regular season picks. A lot is at stake during the last week so if you have a fantasy football championship today, good luck. Or maybe your favorite team needs a win, just hopefully it isn’t the Bears. 🙂

1. Baltimore at Cincinnati- The Bengals still have a lot to play for which doesn’t bode well for the Ravens. The defending champs have been somewhat of an enigma this season and it’s unfortunate they run into the Bengals who I think make a big push to get that number 2 spot today. Bengals win. 

2. Green Bay at Chicago- He’s back, oh yea he is back. The bad man Aaron Rodgers returns for the first time since week 9 when he suffered his fractured collarbone against this Bears team. The Bears were embarrassed last week while the Packers might be confident for the first time since #12 has played. These games are rarely pretty but Eddie Lacy is your X-factor against a Bears defense giving up 162 yards per game on the ground. Pack bring home the NFC North crown.

3. San Francisco at Arizona- The Cardinals might be the biggest surprise of the season and could miss the playoffs even with 11 wins. The 49ers know how physical their division foes are and with a win and a Seahawks loss they bring home the NFC West crown. The Cardinals need to win and the Saints need to lose. I just don’t see the Cardinals offense doing enough on a beastly 49ers defense. San Fran gets the W.

4. Kansas City at San Diego- The Chiefs are the only team who doesn’t need to win today to either get in the playoffs or move up. They are stuck in the 5 seed. I don’t think Andy Reid is dumb enough to play his starters the whole game even though San Diego is a team I don’t think many people want to see. Ryan Matthews has given the Chargers a spark in the backfield to go along with Philip Rivers revitalized season. Chargers win but need help to get in the playoffs.

5. Philly at Dallas- Three straight years the Cowboys have had a win and in week 17 match-up. However this time we won’t have to hear about Tony Romo if he throws a game losing interception. He’s on IR and Kyle Orton will lead this team. Philly has to be licking its chops to avenge an ugly performance earlier this season. Dallas’ defense is horrid while Philly will be looking to unload on their rivals. Philly takes the NFC East title. 


Week 15 picks.

It isn’t a sexy slate of games this week outside of Josh and I’s weekly Ravens and Packers picks. So let’s get to it!

New England over Miami.

New Orleans over St. Louis. 

Dallas over Green Bay.

Cinci over Pittsburgh.

Lions over Baltimore. 

Week 13 picks

Picks from Thanksgiving:

1. Lions over Packers.

2. Ravens over Pittsburgh.

Sunday games.

1. Cincinnati over San Diego- The Chargers are still alive for a playoff spot while the Bengals are seeing a tighter race in the AFC North. The Bengals are coming off a bye while the Chargers are coming off a huge win over the Chiefs. The Bengals have too many weapons to lose this game.

2. Broncos over the Chiefs- The Chiefs have been a phenomenal story this year but the defense is struggling lately and gave up 41 points last week. The Broncos have a legit running game to go along with the insane amount of weapons on this team. With a banged up Tamba Hali and an offense that hasn’t proven to be able to come back from early deficits should allow the Broncos to get a good lead in the AFC West. 

3. New Orleans over Seattle- This could be the best game of the season. What’s at stake? Just a shot at having home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Seattle has a balanced offense but they are losing corners left and right to suspensions. The Saints have too many weapons for Seattle to account for Monday night.