Packers keys to a win over the Bears.

There are few things during the year that make me get more excited than a Packers-Bears game. The Pack are looking for their 6th straight win over the Bears which would put the all-time record to 92-89-6 giving Green Bay a chance to tie the series up by the end of next season. Let’s take a look how the Pack can close the gap tonight.

1. Take some shots early- The Bears are giving up a mind-boggling 29.4 points per game this year. While the team is still doing well in the take-away department the Packers can try to end this one early with a few rainbow shots to Jordy Nelson. 

2. Cover up the ball- While this might seem like the most obvious thing to do in the world, the Bears have had some good success stripping the ball from Packer receivers. Just ask James Jones and Jermichael Finley. Bears cornerback Charles Tillman is the best in the league at punching the ball out a runner’s hands. If the Pack needs to sacrifice a few yards tonight to avoid the risk of a turnover then that is a win in my book.

3. Respect Josh McCown- McCown is not Jay Cutler but he is a backup that has had a lot of experience. He played well two weeks ago filling in for Cutler and has had two weeks to prepare for the Packers. Remember it was McCown’s touchdown pass to Nathan Poole in 2003 that beat the Minnesota Vikings and sent the Packers into the playoffs. Let’s hope we see that play more tonight than the Fail Mary.

  • Side note- Over/under four times we have to witness the Fail Mary tonight?
4. Packers corners vs. Marshall/Jeffrey- This is the deepest the Packers have been at cornerback during the Mike McCarthy era. They will have their hands full tonight with Brandon Marshall and the emergence of second-year man Alshon Jefferey. These guys have been one of the top wide-out duos in the league and are monsters at 6’4 and 6’3 respectively. 
I’ve got to go with the Packers tonight with the Bears having no Jay Cutler or Lance Briggs on defense. The Packers could be in a tad better shape tonight if James Jones is back but with the way Aaron Rodgers is playing I don’t think it matters who he throws to tonight. Pack 30 Bears- 20. 



Week 15 NFL picks.

Another underwhelming week of picking games leaves me behind in the standings with only three weeks to catch up. I need a rebound week!

1. Green Bay at Chicago:

  • It’s been a war of words this week between these two teams and I am looking forward to a hard-nosed game on the field. The Pack are getting healthier at the right time while the Bears are without some big names.
  • Packers- 24-17

2. NY Giants at Atlanta:

  • Neither team has been a model of consistency the past month. Atlanta keeps finding ways to escape with wins while the Giants have put on stunning performances followed by a dud. Giants have a very vulnerable secondary and I see the big play being the difference in today’s game.
  • Falcons- 31-27

3. Denver at Baltimore:

  • Good-bye Cam Cameron. I think Ravens fans can now say hello to a healthy dose of Ray Rice throughout the rest of the season. Peyton Manning has been on a tear since a Monday night debacle in Atlanta early on in the season. I see Denver’s streak ending today courtesy of diddle diddle Ray Rice up the middle.
  • Ravens- 27-24.

4. Pittsburgh at Dallas:

  • Both teams are on the outside looking in at the playoffs in this desperation game today. Dez Bryant is playing with a broken hand and even though the Steelers lost last weekend, Ben Roethlisberger had a nice game.
  • Steelers- 26-21

5. Indianapolis at Houston:

  • Apparently the Texans don’t like playing on prime-time. This is a huge game today for the Texans who can put a strangle hold on the AFC South while a Colts win keeps the division within reach.
  • Texans- 31-27

6. San Francisco at New England:

  • This is going to be a phenomenal match-up. New England now has a legit running game to go along with Tom Brady’s passing. Colin Kaepernick will have the biggest game of his young NFL career in prime-time. The Patriots have the home-field advantage in another big game.
  • Patriots- 24-20

NFL Picks week 14.

I had an abysmal week 13 only going 2-3 and falling another game behind my friend and opponent Josh Brewer. With the abundance of great match-ups and meaningful games this weekend we have decided to do four additional games outside of Baltimore and GB games instead of the usual three. Let’s get to the week 14 picks!

1. Dallas at Cincinnati:

  • Cincinnati has played some impressive football after a slow start to the season. Andy Dalton has gotten his act together and has Cincy on the verge of sneaking into the playoffs. They need a bit of help in the division but are definitely playing good football at the right time. Dallas isn’t out of the picture yet at 6-6. A Cowboy win and a Giants loss will make the last few weeks very interesting. They need to take care of business outside of the conference this Sunday to keep the heat on. However Cincy gets it done at home.
  • Bengals- 26-24

2. Chicago at Minnesota:

  • Chicago’s defense is getting banged up with the losses of Brian Urlacher and Charles “Peanut” Tillman. However Jay Cutler gets a few weapons back this week in Alshon Jeffery and Devin Hester. He will need them to make up for the losses on defense. Minnesota wasted a 210 yard day on the ground from Adrian Peterson last week to the Packers. Christian Ponder is floundering down the stretch and can’t seem to hit an open receiver. No Percy Harvin= no win for the Vikings.
  • Bears- 27-17

3. Baltimore at Washington:

  • I was shocked to see the Ravens gave up 27 points to a Charlie Batch led team last Sunday. The loss of Terrell Suggs to another injury leaves a lot of questions on this defense again. The Ravens need to get Ray Rice another 20+ touches. Hell the guy picked up a 4th and 29 on a check-down! RG3 has to be licking his chops after seeing what Batch did last week. Washington can see the light of a possible wild card spot. However it gets a bit darker for them.
  • Ravens- 24-23

4. New Orleans at NY Giants:

  • New Orleans are close to getting the door shut in their face but a win over the Giants will keep the NFC Wild Card chase interesting. Drew Brees threw five picks against Atlanta so any chance of a division run is gone. New Orleans needs to regroup and play smart football to go anywhere. The Giants are having their usual identity crisis with a demolishing of the Packers and a loss to the Redskins on MNF. If the Giants want to win the division a victory over the Saints will go a long way.
  • Giants- 34-31

5. Detroit Lions at Green Bay:

  • The Pack got a key win last week over the Vikings to go 3-0 in the division and a Bears loss put them back on top of the division. The Pack’s running game showed signs of life last week and if it does indeed snow like a mother tomorrow that running game will be instrumental for any run this team makes. The Lions are out of contention but would love to play spoiler to a team who has bullied them at Lambeau since 1991. I still worry about Calvin Johnson even though he does not have a legit threat across from him. However the losses at Lambeau continue for the Lions.
  • Packers- 27-23

6. Houston at New England:

  • This could be the game of the season and a win will put the Texans in a very comfortable spot for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Houston hasn’t been the same on defense since Brian Cushing got hurt and are still without 2011 second round pick Brooks Reed. New England still doesn’t have Rob Gronkowski and didn’t look like the offensive juggernaut of the past few seasons without him. However the game is in New England and I don’t see Tom Brady having back to back bland games. 
  • New England- 31-27

Week 13 picks.

I made up more ground last week on my NFL pick ’em for the year and with some help can overtake my friend and former college radio co-host Josh Brewer. Be sure to check out his blog at Josh is a great writer and definitely not afraid to tell you he is opinion so be sure to give it a read. Let’s get to the picks!

1. Seattle at Chicago:

  • It’s the point in the season where the smallest slip up can have heavy implications on how the season ends. This is one of those games. Seattle is holding the 6th spot in the playoffs while Chicago has a one game lead over the Packers. Seattle has Tampa Bay and Minnesota breathing down it’s neck while Chicago needs a win to stay a game ahead in the division. Their week two loss at Green Bay looms over their head until a week 15 rematch at Soldier Field. Chicago comes out on top.
  • Bears- 23-17

2. Minnesota at Green Bay:

  • It’s week 13 and this is the first match-up with our neighbors to the West. Minnesota has been on a steady decline which happens to coincide with losing Percy Harvin for the last few games. Harvin is out again tomorrow leaving the Vikings without on of their top two play-makers. The Packers need to avenge the ugly defeat to the Giants on Sunday night football and put a wallop the Vikings. Aaron Rodgers needs to get time from his line and the shorter passing game needs to come into play. I’m going with the Pack in this one. 
  • Packers- 30-20

3. Tampa at Denver:

  • Like Seattle, the Buccaneers are in a position to squeak into the 6th spot in the playoffs. The only problem is Tampa is playing a Denver team who has won six straight and Peyton Manning looks like he never took a year off from the game. I think Tampa will keep it competitive for awhile but with a putrid pass defense Denver pulls away in the second half. 
  • Broncos- 34-23

4. Baltimore at Pittsburgh:

  • Baltimore won in a dog-fight a few weeks ago but with no Ben Roethlisberger this weekend I don’t see a way the Steelers can beat the Ravens. The Steelers turned the ball over eight times in a defeat to the Cleveland Browns while Ray Rice proved he NEEDS to be the focal point in Baltimore’s offense by picking up an incredible 4th and 29. 
  • Ravens- 23-10

5. NY Giants at Washington:

  • What a difference a minute can make. These teams could be tied atop the NFC East right now had Santana Moss not dropped a go ahead touchdown then saw Eli Manning hit Victor Cruz on a bomb to bring home a W to the G-men. RG3 is playing outstanding football and taking care of the football. Unfortunately for the Skins I just feel the Giants caught fire annihilating the Packers last week.
  • Giants- 27-24


Oh, uh, it’s the pleats… the pleats in the pants

It’s a good thing NFL games don’t last more than four hours otherwise some players might have to consult with their doctors. At least they would have to if Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall is right. Marshall said the other day NFL players are popping Viagra like Skittles.

Here is the link to the article, it’s a great read.–nfl.html