Song of the Week 6-28

Today will be the last song of the week for June and it’s a damn good one. Soil has had lead singer Ryan McCombs back for a few years which makes me very happy. I am a lot bigger fan of him in Soil than I was Drowning Pool.

The first album with McCombs return is called Whole and will be released on August 20th. You can hear the song I am going to share called “Shine On” on this album. The song starts pretty calm but after a little while the storm hits. Listen and enjoy!



Some GBME updates.

It’s been a little while since I have updated all of you on the youtube video/podcast I do with my good buddies Zach and Irv. So here are our last few episodes. We have a new background and touch on the subjects of “What song can get anyone into metal” and “What bands would we break the bank to see”.


New Saliva!

Saliva is back with a great fucking tune! It’s been a few years since Josey Scott left the band to pursue a career as a solo Christian music artist. Bobby Amaru stepped in and I was wondering how the old stuff would sound with him. Well if their new single, “In It to Win It” is any indication, Amaru will be an incredible replacement.

This song packs a ton of energy and heaviness that makes me have faith this band is continuing to go in the right direction. Plus they will be at ROCKUSA which the radio station I DJ for helps put on. So check out the single and let me know what you think.


More new Skillet!

Skillet will be releasing their first concept album on June 25th and have released another song of their anticipated album Rise which is the follow-up to 2009’s Awake. The song is the self-titled track from the album and will be a huge hit.

I am a lot bigger fan of this song than I was of “Sick of It” and like most Skillet songs has a great meaning behind it. “Rise” once again has drummer Jen Ledger providing vocals and Seth Morrison has proved to be a legit replacement on lead guitar. Take a listen and be prepared for a pretty powerful ending.

Fight or flight

So while David Draiman is busy with Device and John Moyer is playing bass for a badass metal band in Adrenaline Mob, that left half of Disturbed to sit on their asses right? Well for a little while it maybe seemed that way but then I realized I was foolish and naive to think guitarist Dan Donegan and dummer Mike Wengren wouldn’t do anything. 

Donegan and Wengren have teamed up with Evans Blue’s (underrated band) lead singer, Dan Chandler and Ra’s bass player Sean Corcoran and Jeremy Jayson as a second guitarist to form the band Fight or Flight. Their debut album, A Life By Design drops July 23rd and they have released their first song called, “First of the Last“. It’s a pretty good song and I am looking forward to the rest of the album. Take a listen here:


Check out this interview.

As many of you are aware who read this blog, I am Italian. If you did not know this, now you know, and knowing is half the battle. I am very into my heritage and because of this Lacuna Coil who are a hard rock/gothic metal band from Italy are one of my favorite acts to follow. I recently saw them in Milwaukee and got their attention by waving my Italian flag around. They seem like a great group of people who were really involved with the crowd. 

So to get to why I am doing this post, check out this interview with one of their lead singers, Christina Scabbia, who is one of the most gorgeous females on the planet.

And here is a picture of me hanging over the guardrail at their show back in early April. 


More new Device!

I wish it was April 9th and no not because it could mean that the snow might actually be gone here in Green Bay, but because Device’s album will finally be released. If you didn’t know Device is the side project of Disturbed front-man David Draiman. “Vilify” the album’s first single was released a few weeks ago and has been a huge success.

The song I am sharing today is called, “You Think You Know” and just like “Vilify” it does not disappoint. It’s another kick-ass track with great lyrics and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the album has in store.

Take a listen below:

Song of the week 2-20

Your song of the week will be coming from a band who I really hope will get back to making music in the near future. This week’s song is “Sugarcoat” by Breaking Benjamin. I had never actually heard this song until the last year or so and it has quickly become one of my favorite tunes from them.

If you did not know, lead singer Benjamin Burnley fired two members of the band 
(Mark Klepasky, Aaron Fink?) back in 2011 for remixing the hit “Blow me Away” without his permission. I can’t find much recent info on them so hopefully we will get some new BB soon. Until then, just enjoy this song off their first album!

New GBME episode.

We now have a green screen for Green Bay’s Metal Elite to add some flare to the show. This week we have our usual news section, upcoming shows and discuss our favorite albums we listened to in high school. What are some of your favorite albums from when you were in high school?

Song of the week 2-15

Today’s song of the week is by far going to be the most interesting and random song I have shared so far. The band is called 12 Foot Ninja and the song is called, “Coming for you“. Now what makes this song so interesting is the mix of hard rock, metal and Spanish dance music. Just take a listen and let me know what you think. Their music is really growing on me.

Also here is their other well known song called, “Mother Sky“.