Hello season 4 trailer!

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows on TV. Finally we have something to keep us occupied until October 13th when the show starts back up. The trailer for season 4 was released at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.

The trailer looks incredible with zombies looking like a massive threat for the season. We get a look at several new characters and someone either inside or outside the prison is trying to make their lives a living hell.



Cluck went the chicken!

As many of you know, I love hilarious youtube videos and some of the best ones out there right now are the bad lip reading ones. For all of you Walking Dead fans here is the bad lip reading version from all three seasons. It’s hysterical and serves as a nice buffer since the show is on break til October. Definitely watch the whole video but the part with the Governor and Rick meeting is the best part.


Are you ready for the return?

We are just a tad (A TAD LLOYD!) over two weeks away from the premiere of the second half of AMC’s, “The Walking Dead.” Since I wised up and decided to watch it on Netflix a little over a year ago it has become my favorite show on television. The last week or so, a lot of thirty second trailers have been released previewing what is about to come in these next eight episodes. This is the most intense trailer they have released yet and I suggest watching it. 


A new twist.

As many of you know I am a huge fan of AMC’s, “The Walking Dead” which takes place in a zombie plagued world. I am not a zombie freak by any means but there is a new movie coming out this summer called, “World War Z” starring Brad Pitt. First off Brad Pitt is a good actor and second of all there appears to be a new twist on how this zombie plagued world is. I don’t want to make any left field claims, so I am just going to post the trailer here and let you take in this footage which appears to be top-notch.