New Drowning Pool.

I have been a fan of Drowning Pool since I was in high school and got to hear them live this past summer. I like the energy new lead singer Jason Moreno brings to the band. Here is their latest song called, “One Finger and a Fist” While the song is pretty heavy, I feel like the lyrics are rushed. This is a song I feel like will grow on me the more I listen to it though.


Green Bay Metal Elite updates.

Hey everyone, all the technical difficulties are over and it’s time to bring you our latest podcasts. We have three shows which are going to be shorter and a couple interviews we did with a few local metal bands. Enjoy!


Episode 2 of the year:

Episode 3 of the year:

Episode 4 of the year:

Aronious interview:

Crater interview:


Many people know former NBA player Brian Scalabrine as the guy who got to play when the game was well out of reach. Just because he maybe averaged a minute or two a game doesn’t mean he can’t play as many people might think. After being sick and tired of hearing how awful he is, Brian set up the Scallenge and invited Boston based hoopsters to play him one-on-one. The results of these games prove even a guy who hardly ever got on the court can still put on a beat-down.–nba.html

Are you ready for the return?

We are just a tad (A TAD LLOYD!) over two weeks away from the premiere of the second half of AMC’s, “The Walking Dead.” Since I wised up and decided to watch it on Netflix a little over a year ago it has become my favorite show on television. The last week or so, a lot of thirty second trailers have been released previewing what is about to come in these next eight episodes. This is the most intense trailer they have released yet and I suggest watching it.

New Sevendust!

This song isn’t brand new and some of you might be wondering why I waited a few weeks to share Sevendust’s new song but I have my reasons. 

1. The versions I could were more annoying than the weekly/monthly tests of the emergency broadcast system (although that will be important if we do have a disaster).

2. I didn’t want to subject your ears to bad quality of a new kick-ass song. 

The song is called, “Decay” and it sounds like Sevendust which is always a good thing. It’s a heavy tune and is the first song released from their upcoming album, “Black out the Sun” which comes out on March 26 which will be their 9th studio album.

Song of the week 1-24-13.

Today’s song of the week comes from a band who I saw just about a year ago live for the first time, Korn. I loved the performance they put on but this is one of the songs I wished I would have heard them play. Anyway, no need to complain since the show kicked ass. The song is, “Coming Undone” and it is one of my favorite songs by them.


Packers-49ers recap part 2.

As our sports reporter/director stated today: The read option was like Braille to the Green Bay Packers defense. Let’s get to what happened this past week. I will be doing an overall season recap of the Packers later on this season. 

1. Read option:

  • As many people have stated the last few days, the Packers got beat by college plays. Not seeing any adjustments to try and contain Colin Kaepernick was extremely frustrating to watch. The Packers need a guy like Desmond Bishop back next year to bring an attitude and nastiness they lacked in this game. Also the return and progression of rookie Nick Perry will be key. 

2. Turnovers:

  • Yes the Packers had the pick six to start the game, but the two turnovers the Pack committed lead to 14 San Francisco points. I am still baffled Jeremy Ross was on the field returning punts. Randall Cobb did it in the Wild Card round and with the receiving corp back together I thought the Packers would be more inclined to put him back there. Ross is too inexperienced to be returning punts in such a big game. Also the interception by Rodgers was unfortunate not only because of the turnover but the protection around him was phenomenal on that play. Just a bad read and and the quarterback and receiver not being on the same page. 

3. Decisions:

  • When Mike McCarthy had little faith in kicker Mason Crosby he went for it on a multitude of fourth downs. With the Pack down 14 with 11:30 to go and his decision to punt  the ball was something I found completely baffling. The offense wasn’t spectacular Saturday night but down 14 and in 49ers territory, I want the ball in Rodgers’ hands. I mentioned it earlier, but the defense didn’t adjust and kept getting torched on third downs, many of which had 8+ yards to go. 

Every broadcaster’s dream.

Anyone who does any type of announcing, talk radio or DJ’ing wants their own great slogan, catch phrase or sign off. I have none of these but that’s OK because I am a huge fan of what other people come up with. If you hear my sign-offs when I DJ you know I am lacking the creative juices in that department.

There soon could be a new phrase hitting your ears in the coming days because of a dunk in a Tennessee high school basketball game. With his team up by five points in the fourth quarter, Micah Phillips slams one home to put another crucial two points on the board. The announcer does the rest. Take a look and listen.

Also be sure to listen to the rest of the calls. I wonder if Gus Johnson is his idol?

Keys to a divisional round win.

For the second week in a row the Packers have a chance to get a little revenge on another team who contributed to one of their five losses on the season. These two teams are very different from the game fans saw back in the beginning of September. While I have a bad feeling about tonight’s game, let’s get to what the Packers can do to come out of California with a win. 

1. DuJaun Harris:

  • Here is your X-factor for tonight’s game. Harris has run with anger since his first run a month ago. While he didn’t do much on the ground last week, his five catches for over 50 yards proves he is a reliable safety valve. If the 49ers drop their safeties back tonight and rush four, Harris will have to be ole reliable again this week. 

2. Rodgers’ Chipped Shoulder:

  • One of the big videos going around this week is Rodgers talking on draft day about how the 49ers will be regretting they didn’t draft him. Obviously Rodgers needs help around him, but it’s time to prove tonight San Fran did make a huge mistake in letting him drop to Green Bay back in 2005. 

3. Contain:

  • The Packers defense will see another QB who can move swiftly on his feet in second year man Colin Kaepernick. The Packers need to go after Kaepernick like they did Joe Webb last week and make sure they don’t over-pursue. Charles Woodson might be creeping up towards the line of scrimmage again today to help keep Frank Gore under wraps like he helped last week against Adrian Peterson.