This is better than Never Never.

Korn released a song snippet today of “Love and Meth” which will be on their upcoming 11th album, “The Paradigm Shift.” I must say this is more of what I was expecting. It is heavier, has that great Korn sound and Jonathan Davis has some great, powerful emotion in his voice. Take a listen below and enjoy this one!


Check out this interview.

As many of you are aware who read this blog, I am Italian. If you did not know this, now you know, and knowing is half the battle. I am very into my heritage and because of this Lacuna Coil who are a hard rock/gothic metal band from Italy are one of my favorite acts to follow. I recently saw them in Milwaukee and got their attention by waving my Italian flag around. They seem like a great group of people who were really involved with the crowd. 

So to get to why I am doing this post, check out this interview with one of their lead singers, Christina Scabbia, who is one of the most gorgeous females on the planet.

And here is a picture of me hanging over the guardrail at their show back in early April. 


Another GBME show, and some good advice!

Hey everyone, the metal/hard rock youtube podcast I do with a couple of my buds is back with another episode. Some of the members of Zach’s band join us to discuss what musicians they would like to party/hang out with. Plus music news and new music. Also some great hygiene tips!

Song of the week 3-11

In honor of 3-11 day, the song of the week will be from the band, 311. 311 was one of my favorite bands growing up but I have not enjoyed much of their music lately so I will be sharing one of my favorite songs from awhile ago, Down.  The song has the great combination of rock/rap and guitars which made me a huge fan of them as a kid. So enjoy and happy 3-11 day!

New GBME episode.

We now have a green screen for Green Bay’s Metal Elite to add some flare to the show. This week we have our usual news section, upcoming shows and discuss our favorite albums we listened to in high school. What are some of your favorite albums from when you were in high school?

Messing with the media.

As a young man working in the world of media I see how many of my colleagues present themselves when it comes to an athlete or musician being at our studio. I also get the chance to listen to press conferences and hear some of the insane questions that get asked to members of the Green Bay Packers. Yes, some of these questions shock those who have worked in this market for over 30 years. 

It’s people who ask Aaron Rodgers questions about his possible engagement over this past year’s bye week that I love to see get messed with. So when George Karl admitted the other day to starting trade rumors to create I got a nice chuckle. You can read the whole article right here:–nba.html

Karl did have a chance to work a bit in the media so he understands how journalists, reporters and others will jump on the slightest piece of information heard by a player’s agent’s sister’s cousin’s brother. I give Karl props for coming out and admitting this which is something I am sure has happened before. I also give him props for having a sense of humor and messing with the heads of many who have been in the wild world of media a lot longer than I have. 

Why rock is better.

If you have read my blog, you know my love and passion for rock music. If this is your first time checking out the blog welcome. One of my favorite bands, Nonpoint recently gave a 12 year old fan the chance of a lifetime to join the them on stage. The kid got to play drums on his favorite song. The kid does a hell of a job and shows Nonpoint is composed of some pretty cool dudes.

Song of the week 2-8.

Today’s song of the week is a brand new song from one of my favorite bands, Stone Sour. The song is called, “Do Me a Favor” and will be the lead single off their upcoming album, House of Gold and Bones pt. 2. The song kicks ass and fits the concept theme Stone Sour had on their first album.

If you like the first album you will love this song and will want to pick up part 2 on April 9th. I will be picking it up the day it comes out.