Packers-Vikings recap pt. 2.

Well the Packers win streak against division foes will end at 13 in a row with yesterday’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings. The defense wasn’t up to par but the offense looked very 2011ish. So let’s get to what I saw in yesterday’s game.

1. Secondary communication:

  • Our local newspaper just did a story about how the communication on the defense was so much better this season, but at the end of the game, Ponder found a wide open receiver on a 3rd and long that allowed the Peterson long run and eventual game winning field goal. This is where I think Charles Woodson will made a difference if he is on the field next week. 

2. Aaron Rodgers:

  • Imagine the numbers he could put up if he had an above average o-line. Rodgers was sacked another five times yesterday but still managed to put up 365 yards passing and four touchdowns but did have a fumble. What the guy has done in the past two years (84 passing touchdowns to 14 picks). This team will go as far as Rodgers is able to stand on his feet.

3. Run defense:

  • I realize Adrian Peterson is an absolute beast, but you can’t keep letting the guy rack up 200 yards on you. The defense needs to wrap up and gang tackle a guy like Peterson. 

Round 3 is this Saturday night at 7pm at Lambeau! Get your long johns and cheeseheads on and get loud Packer nation!


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 1,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 3 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

NFL Picks week 17

And just like that we are at the end of the 2012 regular season. It feels like the season just started and there were sunny blue skies which have no given away to over a foot of snow on the ground here in Green Bay. I trail my opponent and friend Josh Brewer by two games so I need to make up some ground in the final week!

1. Baltimore at Cincinnati:

  • The Ravens have a chance to move into the third spot with a win over the Bengals and a New England loss to Miami. The Bengals have been one of the hottest teams to end the year but will fall short to Baltimore. 
  • Ravens- 23-20

2. Houston at Indianapolis:

  • Houston can still achieve home-field advantage throughout the playoffs while Indy is locked in at the five spot. Houston needs to find some momentum going into the playoffs and with Arian Foster good to go they should. 
  • Texans- 31-27

3. St. Louis at Seattle:

  • The Rams have been a nice surprise this season but go to Seattle to square off against the red hot (cue motley crue) Seahawks and the twelfth man. i think the Rams will put up a good fight and Steven Jackson should be looking to put on a heck of a show but Seattle will be too much. 
  • Seahawks- 27-20

4. Green Bay at Minnesota:

  • Let me go on record and say AP will not get the record. I have all the respect in the world for him but the Packer defense is healthier this time around as is the offense. So I don’t see the Packers struggling as much to score points which will force the Vikings to rely on second year man Christian Ponder and his arm. 
  • Packers- 30-20

5. Dallas at Washington:

  • The Redskins have been on a tear and RG3 has dominated the NFC East this season. Dallas and Tony Romo haven’t figured out how to win a big game. Dez Bryant is playing out of his mind but watch for Washington to give a big dose of Alfred Morris to dominate the clock. 
  • Redskins- 34-28

The Iron Maiden(s)

Yes the S on the end of Maidens is supposed to be there. No typo here. If you are not sure who the Iron Maidens are, they are an all female cover band of the heavy metal Gods, Iron Maiden.

While I was doing my podcast a few weeks ago, one of the hosts Zach told me  I had to check out their cover of, “The Trooper“. It is a phenomenal cover and pretty awesome to see women rock out to some Maiden! A few of the women in the band were ranked in the top 25 of Revolver’s hottest chics in rock/metal.

Check out the cover here and let me know what you think.

Why I love sports.

There were three reasons why I started this blog. 1. My passion for writing. 2. My love of sports. 3. My love of music. Combining these three has allowed me to express and share my thoughts and opinions with you. I have appreciated all the views and feedback I have received.

Sports just has a way of bringing people together and this is no exception. If you have watched Sportscenter the last few days you might have seen the home video of the Alabama fan who realizes there is an extra gift in his Christmas hat. His expression is priceless. It goes from being excited about his original gift, to shock and awe and all the way to speechlessness, laughing and tears. Watch the video below and I hope your holiday season is going as well as this guys.

Song of the week 12-25

Today’s song of the week comes to you on Christmas day and it would not be complete without a song about the holidays. So today’s song I give you is called “Heat Miser” done by the hard rock Christian band, Thousand Foot Krutch.”  I hope you are all having a great end to your holiday and enjoy this song!

Packers Keys to a week 16 win.

This is a bit late today but I have been on the road and have pit stopped in Racine to watch the game. Here are some keys to a Green Bay victory.

1. Contain CJ2K:

  • After a horrid start to the season, Chris Johnson has put together a nice season. His 94 yard touchdown run last week proved he can take any rush and turn it into a highlight reel. Johnson can get his yards just make sure it’s not for 80 and a touch.

2. Ryan Grant/DuJaun Harris:

  • No Alex Green today so the ole vet comes in to start for the Pack. Green has played well the last month. Harris runs hard and Grant has looked strong outside of a fumble.

3. Short passing game:

  • It’s cold in Green Bay so the short passing game is going to be key. Footing will be bad and the ball doesn’t seem to travel as well in the Lambeau cold.

Packers win 34-20.

Jazz Against the Machine.

My boss Nick shared some very interesting youtube videos with me last week that dealt with one of my favorite bands, Rage Against the Machine. Now Rage is known for their brash and outspoken lyrics, political stance and some incredible guitar work by Tom Morello.

Now these are some great videos I am about to share. Someone took RATM songs and replaced the normal metal and rock elements you are used to hearing with jazz music. Time to get a good laugh!

The first one is actually not the jazz version but still great.!

Here is killing in the name jazz version.

And a jazz version of Bombtrack.
Enjoy! And now it is time for me to hit the road back to Ohio!

NFL Picks week 16.

With just two weeks to go and down by three games to my buddy Josh Brewer week 16 is crucial for me to make up some ground. Check out Josh’s blog at Time to get to the picks!

1. Tennessee at Green Bay:

  • Last week Green Bay locked up the NFC North with a division win over rival Chicago. The Pack are getting guys back healthy at the right time and might have found a legit running game. Tennessee will be looking to play spoiler so look for CJ2K to get a lot of carries as he gives the Titans their best chance to get the upset. However Tennessee isn’t that good and Green Bay is. 
  • Packers- 34-20

2. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh:

  • Pittsburgh lost a heart-breaking game last week which also put them in a hole to make the playoffs. The good and bad news is they play the Cincinnati Bengals this week. With a win the Steelers are right back in the thick of things but a loss can eliminate them from the playoffs. The Bengals have been one of the most impressive teams the second half of the season while the Steelers are fluttering. Going with the youthful bunch in this one. 
  • Bengals- 23-17

3. Minnesota at Houston:

  • If the Vikings are going to win this game it will be because of Adrian Peterson and his bio-mechanical legs. Peterson is just under 300 yards shy of beating the NFL rushing record for a single season and will be relied on heavily to pull off an upset. However the Texans are a very balanced team and should have no problem making the Vikings one-dimensional. Texans put a dent into the Vikings playoff hopes. 
  • Texans- 30-20

4. NY Giants at Baltimore:

  • Will the real Giants and Ravens please stand up? These have to be the two most Jeckyl and Hyde teams in the NFL. The Giants got spanked by first place Atlanta while Baltimore lost a key AFC match-up to Denver. I think the light in the tunnel is dimming for the Giants so I am going with Baltimore on this one. 
  • Ravens- 27-24

5. San Francisco at Seattle:

  • This division isn’t wrapped up yet but could be by tomorrow night. The 49ers take a trip north to square off against rookie Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. I expect a lot of running and hard hits in this game. However one team does a bit more hitting and makes a few more plays so watch the 49ers lock up the division. 
  • 49ers- 23-16


New Alice in Chains!

Alice in Chains are one of my favorite bands from the 90’s era and are back with a new single called, “Hollow“. The good news is that it sounds a lot like Alice in Chains and is a good song. However I don’t feel like it really sticks out. This could change the more I listen but it is a good song. So definitely give it a listen and let me know what you think. I think the title of the song is very fitting.